Under Siege Again….

Castlederg Park NI

It’s been all over the news in Ireland and the UK: We have all been battered by a succession of storms, three in Six days. Given that they all lasted on average two days with their build up it has been relentless. And needless to say damage has been done.

Castlederg Park NI February 2022

On Wednesday storm Dudley blew in (for some reason I feel the need to say Doodlaaaay in a Birmingham accent, as I lived there for some years and there is a place there called Dudley. For my readers who are unsure of this accent just think ’Peaky Blinders’.) Anyhow I digress, it blew in quite ferociously, lasting from Wednesday until Thursday. And literally as it subsided Thursday night storm Eunice blew in! For us the winds weren’t as ferocious as Dudley, but instead she did a ’snow dump’ and we awoke to four inches of snow on Friday morning. It was wet snow, so it melted quickly. I never managed to get a picture of our view of the mountains and rolling hills covered in snow covered in snow, and just how beautiful it was, but as the opportunity may arise again tomorrow I will get it then. I feel like this blog is becoming the Weather Channel!’ But when you live on a small island that is mainly surrounded by the Atlantic, I suppose that is inevitable!

Castlederg Park under water after the stroms 2022

We thought we were through the worst, by Saturday the winds had died down, and we decided to take the dogs for a small walk in a park we often go to in a small town near to us Castlederg. It is literally ten minutes from us, but as I have explained before we are on the border of Northern Ireland, and Castlederg is in ’The North’.

We were however thwarted when storm Franklin blew in on Sunday morning and pictures of the park, as shown here, were posted onto social media. The Derg river could take no more and had burst it’s banks. The castle was under siege again, and not for the first time in it’s history.

Flooded Castlederg February 2022

RD said he would drop me off with the dogs if I still wanted to go for the walk, and wait in the van for me. He is always so kind!

So we stayed indoors as the rain, sleet and snow lashed against our windows, assisted by over eighty km gusts of wind. it literally sounded like stones we being flung against the windows by angry giants.

It’s all part of the adventure!

Harley the Welshie, He Knows The Best Place To Be In A Storm.



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