Numb, just numb. I don’t understand this lesson. It’s too hard.

This will not be a long post. The eulogy will come, but not now, not now.

After an idyllic afternoon in the garden with the all of our remaining furry family, we found time to smile about Wiglet. We watched the puppy build her friendship with Diddies, gently following her around the long grass in the paddock.

Fifteen minutes later Rich found Diddies, she had been clipped by a tractor and killed. Gone.

I cry as I right this. I literally howled, to the point my neighbours came to console me. There is no consoling, it is too much.

My beautiful little ragdoll cat.

Diddies 2008 – 2022


  1. Moira, so very sorry to hear this… I know there are no words of consolation. I remember her looking down from the kitchen roof in France and flitting up the stairs… she was beautiful, remember that and she chose you in this life… Big Hugs to you, Rich and the babies xxxx

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  2. Oh Mois, I don’t know what to say except I understand the immense pain you must be feeling. I wish I was nearer to give you a big hug 😘😘😘

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  3. Oh, no, no. No words. So very hard. Impossible. Please take as much time as you can for yourselves. Know that there are many of us who care.

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