The seasons – autumn

With all the land that surrounds me, and now with the autumn upon us with her ever changing temperatures, and whistling winds I was waiting in anticipation to see the colours that she bestows on us, in this “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”

She has not let me down.

In our new home we are surrounded by farmland and woods and I have attached some photos to show you the land either side of our house. I have already explained the number of trees that we have but in addition the countryside all around us is just that, countryside, everywhere fields and woods. Rich and I still wake up each morning and cannot believe we live here. So here are some pictures of where I live, France in her autumnal glory.




We we also have a chemin (lane) that runs between our garden, it is private and only ours to use, and it is lined with trees, crab apple, cob nut, oaks. It is truly beautiful.



There are nuts, nuts everywhere, the aforementioned cob nuts, walnuts, so many I cannot harvest them all as we cannot eat them all, and I am sure that others are in the same boat as us, and will not want ours, so there they lay carpeting our lawn at the front of the house.


We have toadstools galore, like fairy kingdoms, sprung up to keep the little people warm in the winter, they are growing on the various old tree stumps that we have, I sometimes think I will look at and see little lights twinkling in them at night.


As the season draws to a close the colours become more vibrant, so look out for other posts coming soon. I hope you will enjoy.



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