Our very own soap opera Christmas day disaster

The final edit apologies for the first!!

Rosie’sFrenchAdventuresandIrish Shenanigans.com

The cast:

Richard, my lovely husband


Daisy and Tilly snuggled on their campy on top of the fridge -Tilly is the tiny black cat on the left


Harley the handsome Welshie

IMG_20151014_124536Squiggle piglet, the naughty Welshie, don’t be fooled by the photo


When reading the dialogue in this post, for maximum effect, please read with an Eastenders accent or Essex accent, as this is where we originally hail from. For those who are not au fait with these accents please see below for some guidance:

For no think naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

For Tilly think Tillaaaaaay

For Harley think Harlaaaaay

For what think wot

And so on.

To the story.

So much for my peaceful Christmas, our animals decided to have all out war in our newly renovated kitchen on Christmas day!

I would like like you to the picture the scene, my newly renovated (although not complete) kitchen all cosy, cats on…

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  1. It definetly sounds like an episode of Eastenders…amazing how vino can make everything ok 😜 Wishing you a fab new year Live Laugh Love 😍XX

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We can imagen the scene, hope Squiggle piglet has made friends with Tilly. Big hugs to squiggles & Harley. Kiss kiss.


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