Good people, and thank you’s.

A few weeks back I posted a blog called ‘There are no happy endings’. It was meant to be a post designed to make people think, in a positive way, about where their life was moving, it was written to generate discussion and comment. Oh boy, deid it cause discussion and has the most comments to date on my blog! I would like to say thank you to those people who commented, whether positive or negative, because discussion was what I was trying to create.

Some people commented  that they thought that I was being negative, giving negative people space. But I have always said that I would post the good and the bad that we experience. However, having said that, I am now going to post some good, because there are a lot of  people out there supporting us and helping us.

Firstly a big thank you to our new friends, our neighbours, who arranged for us to have our cesspit emptied and helped Rich.

When Rich was in England, friends of our neighbours, and of us as it was their house we visited in January, came up to check on the other neighbours house because they were away, and to check on me because they knew that I was on my own. Although there are three houses in our hamlet I was here alone every day until about six in the evening, and we are, as you know, surrounded by fields, so they were concerned for me. For people who we have only just become acquainted with to help you in this way makes us feel really good about where we live.

A big thank you to all the people who took the time to wish me happy birthday on Facebook; being here on my own at the time, with my cards delayed in the post, it really did mean a lot. Small things eh?!  And a really big thank you to the people who commented on my post about our cesspit to say if they win the lottery they will be sending us money over to fix it. The fact that people want to pass that comment means that they care, and when times are hard that means a lot. In addition to that a thank you to our friend, she knows who she is, who has passed Rich’s name to her sister who lives in France, recommending him for some work she needs undertaking in her house. People don’t have to do things like that, and when they do it re-enforces your faith in mankind.

Thank you to my sister for the massive bag of fleecy socks, socks and Totes Toasties that she sent over; trust me, they have been a godsend in these days of wearing three pairs at the same time!!!  She also sent a fleecy poncho, that believe me has been a godsend over my dressing gown (you don’t worry about what you look like when you are cold! And luckily Rich still loves me even if I do look like a side of a house by the time I have finished adding layers!) Again it is the thought, the fact that people want to help in whatever way they can. (Having said that Rich has now stolen said poncho and is wearing it instead – bless him!)


A massive thank you to the friend who told me that if we needed help financially for an emergency, they were there for us, and not to worry. Just knowing that is a weight off our mind, even though they know we are far to stubborn most of the time to take up their offer. They actually told me that they wanted us to succeed, and were not going to let us fail, because they were there to help. You know who you are, again thank you.x

A special thank you to my mother in law. Not only did she give us soooo many tools for our garden and Rich’s gardening side of the business, including petrol strimmers, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers; she also gave us two beautiful grandfather and grandmother clocks, and sent Rich back with God knows what in a food parcel. Then last Monday an unexpected parcel arrived and when we opened it there were two packets of Turkish delight, because she knew that Rich and I love it and  you cannot buy it over here, two packets of Bombay potato mix, because Rich could not find it when he was over there, and a huge packet of embroidery threads because she knew that I had taken up embroidery years ago. Bless her, it probably cost her more to send it than all the things in the parcel had cost in total. But it meant so much, that she had listened to the small things Rich had said in passing and acted on them, that she was thinking of us.

The reason I have written this post is to say that yes there are the haters and the doubters, but there are so many people who will root for you too, because they want you to help them believe that the option for change is open to them, should they wish to take that option up in the future. and they want us to succeed to keep their dreams alive. Trust me folks we will do our best.

And a final thank you to all of you who read my blog and tell me how much you love reading it. I hope that continues. As always please share with others, spread the word.






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