Printemps – Spring

As I sit here typing this post a hooley is blowing outside. It is as if L’hiver (winter) and Printemps (spring) are doing battle. Today I am not sure who is winning but overall Spring is here, you can see it and smell it everywhere. From the narcissi bobbing their heads in the wind, to the crocus that are coming up everywhere in my garden.

Some of you may remember last year, in my autumn entries, how I explained that i had planted over one hundred bulbs, of crocus and bluebells, what I didn’t know was that there were  hundreds of crocus in my lawn already, or that I had primrose all over my garden. I now have a sea of primrose and crocus, tipping their hats to the winter wind as if to say “you’re too late, spring is here and you cannot stop her.” It’s wonderful to see and I love the hope that this season brings with it.

I took these photos  last Thursday (Harley the poser had to be in the pictures ). it had been a crisp and sunny day, and milder than days have been for some time. Rich and I decided to have a cup of tea (yes we know how to live!) in the garden, and this was our view; we both looked at each other and said “Spring is coming.” We are excited at the prospect, of longer days leading to hot summer days.  So watch this space folks. Spring photos are on their way.

In the meantime the Mayenne is on flood alert and the rivers are swollen!!! One of winters last kisses I think.





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