Printemps and L’hiver the battle is over – sort of!!!

Firstly apologies for the delay in writing my blog, it has been quite a month! So forgive me but I will be posting throughout the week – as usual I have a lot to say!! So this post is really an appetiser, putting winter to bed.

In my last post I explained how the snow had returned, and it did return again after that posting. At one stage we had sunny days, albeit cold. The wild primrose are everywhere in my garden, and my one hundred and ten bulbs that I planted last autumn had started to bloom. Here are some photos of the primrose, with Harley the Welshie poser showing you where they are.

However, winter then returned, with a vengeance.


But L’hiver is finally gone, the temperatures are on the rise and it is time to get really busy in the garden.




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