Printemps and l’hiver the battle

Those  who read  my previous post will recall how I said that it seemed as if spring and winter were doing battle, and that I thought that spring was winning, well winter has fought back with a vengeance. We live on top of a hill and are really feeling the chill of the easterly wind that is blowing through Europe at the moment, let me explain: The wind blows through our cellar, through the many gaps we have in the cellar, up through the floorboards into the living room and hey presto! It’s bloody freezing.

Two weeks ago I posted a photo on Facebook to Amber Bamber, A young friend who had asked if we got snow, showing the snowfall in the garden in front of my house early in he morning, winter was back.



Her are some others, showing the front of my garden, and one of trees that can be seen from my landing window at the back of our house, this leads onto our chemin  (lane) and is by our barn.

So when I look at these photos I don’t care how cold I am, I am blessed.

But out looking forward to spring!!!!







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