Spring has sprung, a time for reflection.

I have taken a walk today  with my little foster puppy, and Spring was all around us, the sun was hot, the sky is blue with a smidgen of white cloud, the hedgerows are full of many wildflowers including bluebells, and wild chive was growing everywhere.  I thanked God, mother nature, or the fates for allowing me to be here today and enjoy it. I breathed in the pure air, and reminded myself that this was life, real life, I was surrounded by it, and I was blessed.


Autumn and Spring always make me think (oh! You do surprise me! I hear you say!) of change, Autumn, of death, of letting go, Spring of rebirth, but also a reminder that you have to let go of some things to enable the new, and the beautiful and breathtaking to happen. Nature knows this so well, sadly man does not. Spring and Autumn are a reminder of the cycle of life, of how change will happen, whether we want it to or not, and nature, at these times of year just reinforces that.

When I look at how the wildlife,and fauna accept what winter has dealt them – the trees that have been blown over in the howling winds, the plants that didn’t make it in the freezing cold, and the animals that did not survive the winter months – I understand what life, nature, God, whatever people want to call it, is trying to tell mankind, over and over again.

The fauna, animals, insects, and all other living things  know that this is life, change happens, and that part of life is accepting this change and working with it. As so many say it is man’s inability to accept change that contributes to a large amount  of mental health problems in the world. We hold on to what we know, even when life is screaming at us that we have to let go. We challenge others for making change, belittle them, question them, instead of asking ourselves why we feel the need to do this. Why do we hold on tightly to what we have, even when it is making us unhappy? But eventually life will make that change, whether we want it to or not, and often in a sad way, through illness, through relationship break-ups, or through death. And there you are faced with the change, and having to get on with it.

So why am I saying this now? I am sure that you know that I like to reflect, and I do believe that life will show you the way, if you listen to it; and recently there have been different people who I have encountered on my adventure who have decided to make change, to return to England, or to reconsider their lives, as a result of something that life has unexpectedly thrown their way. As the pebble in the pond effect of our lives has on all of us, in that the decisions that we make ripple out and affect others, whether we know it or not, their decisions have affected me. Some because we have work from their decision, some because they have made us question our decision, and some because they have been good people who we have met along the way, who at some stage will possibly no-longer be in our lives.

I thought to myself today,  on my walk with my furry foster daughter, that I never dreamt that I would be walking through France on a spring day with her, and how I may not be doing this in the future. These people that we have met will be sown into my life’s tapestry, if only for a small part of it, but will be there just the same. And this is the same with all people that we meet, if only for a short time, they are part of our story, and like the seasons, they may come and then go, never to return the following spring, but they may well have made an impact on our lives in some way, never the less.

So I would say to all my readers, when you go home from work, or from whatever you are doing, just take time for one minute to look around you, to see the change that Spring is bringing, even in the cities there will be something, even if it is raining the rain will feel or smell different, their will be something beautiful to see,  and ask yourself who has come in and out of your life in the past year, and what have you learnt from this encounter? If your sad that their no longer in your lives, then ask yourself why, and see that this is to make way for a new spring, something new, because life is always worth living, irrespective of the changes that may have been forced onto you, if you open your eyes and look.






  1. Lovely sentiments. As someone about to take the plunge into living part-time in France due to some major, multiple changes in my life, I identify strongly with taking stock and being present in the moment around us.
    Take care, Moira. Enjoy the spring. 🙂

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