Printemps, and ete is rapidly approaching

imageimageAs in England it has been unseasonably cold, although not as cold as we have not had snow. But sadly this meant that the socks and boots had to go back on, breaking my rule that once the socks are off they don’t go back on “for no man!”

We have been busy, friends have been over and helped us chop down fourteen pine trees, sad I know, but it had to be done to allow more light into the garden, and because they were suffocating each other. We are going to put the stumps to good use and make a line of benches, just another job to add to the list, as Rich and I are now fond of saying.


To say that we have a ton of burning to do is an understatement, along with pulling all the wood up to our burning area at the end of our chemin (listen to me with my own lane!) and throwing what is left into the chemin. Time is running out as we are surrounded by farmers fields so will not be able to light a fire soon. We have already burnt loads, and pulled a ton of tree residue up to burn, I can recommend this as a diet aid as I can now get a pair of black jeans on that I couldn’t get over my arse before! I can even get them done up, but,alas,cannot wear them yet as they cut me in half, but they are over the arse never the less and I always try to look at the positives!




Since these pictures were taken, and despite the cold, nature has worked her magical ways and the garden has blossomed, literally!! From the large cherry in the corner of our field to the leaning cherry, as it has been christened, which Rich has made his project to save, and cut back the ivy to allow it to breathe, and given its very own log prop!


Behind it and in the following photos you can see that our tree lined Chemin is in full bloom, just waiting for a spring bride to walk down it.





I love it, anyone who knows me knows I am someone who has eclectic taste, and I dont tend to follow the crowd, in fact now it is quite the opposite, so our garden will not be a formal garden, but one where we will allow Mother Nature to lead the way because, seriously, she knows best. When I Helped Rich give the lawn it’s first spring cut I used the petrol push mower and went round the clusters of primroses, they are too beautiful to mow over.




To add to that I have also sprinkled seeds for over one hundred metres of meadow flowers, again in clusters in certain parts of the garden so watch this space.




  1. Moisy I do hope you are right about the summer coming, it has been so cold but the farmers are saying that we are going to have a hot one so let’s hope so, the sound of your blossom lined chemin builds such a lovely picture in my mind as do the primroses, you are like me as I couldn’t mow them over, I have trouble mowing over daisy’s.. lovely post cant wait for the next one


    • Dear Roz, as always your words are inspiring, so inspiring I’ve started my novel, and drafted some short stories which I plan to send off and see if I can get them published. Thank you girl motivating me.
      Moisy x


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