A poignant goodbye

As some of you know I have been looking after a beautiful dog, my little furry foster daughter, quite often over the past eight months. Sadly, and due to unexpected circumstances, her owners are no longer able to keep her.

Now luckily a series of events, serendipity if you like,  intervened and my kind friend in England had met her and fell in love with her, and due to this she will be going to live in England, and I know she will have a wonderful life. But I will miss her greatly. I fell in love with her sad little face (she has had a tough life and was rescued from a centre, where she was cowering in the corner of the cage) and, at times. she would look at you in such a sad way.  I used to hate leaving her when my stint of care had finished, and she would watch me drive away from the large doorway with a look on her face saying “don’t go.” (My eyes are filling with tears as I write this.)

Today when I arrived to look after the house whilst she was taken back to England and her new home, she, as always wagged her whole body and howled with pleasure when she saw me. I had cried on my journey there and I cried when I hugged her for the last time. She knew! She looked at me with those beautiful big sad eyes and then buried her head in my neck and hugged me right back.

I am am sitting in the house now, and it feels empty, without Boo Noo to talk to, I only knew her for 8 months but she made a massive imprint on my heart.

As I have said before it is all part of the rich tapestry of life, and Boo Boo will always be part of my tapestry. Au revoir my lovely little friend, bonne chance, have a wonderful life, many adventures, and please come back when you are called.




  1. Oh Moira she is such a beautiful dog, how could ànyone let her go and after 8 months, well that is a lifetime, when we have d our beloved dog we would have given our life for her, well Don you for lookingq after her and it sounds like she is going to have a wonderful life in the U K

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