The bat, the cat, the welshies, and the ninja!!

Picture the scene: My husband, Rich, alone in the house, is settling down to his evening meal of fajitas, that had been lovingly made by his wife, me, before I went off house sitting! It’s late as he has had his obligatory couple of glasses of wine (slightly economical with the truth there!), the Welshies are finally settled down on the sofa, Daisy our big black and white cat is asleep on top of the armoir, and Rich is enjoying his meal, nom, nom, nom. All is well with the world

He hears a noise in our large chimney, and thought “what was that?” But carries on nom nomming on his fajitas. Suddenly all hell break loose, the Welshies are on the sofa barking, and Wiglet is jumping up an down on the back of the sofa snapping at what looks like a huge bat, but is in fact just a bat, flying around the living room giving a fair impersonation of one of those bats on a piece of elastic, although in this case it was a very LARGE piece of elastic.

As it flies over Wiglet and Harley they are jumping in the air, as the poor thing flies towards the armoir Daisy, who is now more than awake, is taking a swipe at it.   What has my big bear of a husband done, he’s hit the deck and is crawling out of the door pushing his tray of fajitas in front of him, his description to me was that he was just like a ninja! Funny I don’t remember any stories of ninja’s crawling away from something, especially something like a bat. But he likes to think that he was ninja like so I am going with that description.

What did he do then? He shut the door and left the bat, the cat and the Welshies to it, while he finished his Fajitas in the kitchen! Once his dinner had been consumed he then opened the door to the living room, where chaos was still in full swing, now with the Welshies running round the living room and the cat jumping at the bat whilst still on top of the armoir. He crawled around the living room (ninja like don’t forget!) opened all of the shutters and windows (it was late now so he was lucky something else didn’t fly in to join the bat) and then crawled back out, just like a ninja would, and shut the door. I think that it is important that to enable you to envisage this scene I need to explain that my husband is six foot one and has a fourty-eight inch chest, imagine that! A very large ninja, in his tracksuit bottoms and old T.shirt crawling around the floor, with the bat swooping about and the animals all chasing the bat, it could of come straight out of a Bruce Lee movie!!

After another ten minutes all went quiet and he went back in. There was Daisy (the true ninja) with her paw on the poor little frightened bat, looking very proud of herself, and now swiping at the Welshies who wanted to take the bat off of her.

The pretend ninja then picked up his grabber, because the bat was still alive and he now thought that he really should try and save it, and put the bat out to live another day. The pretend ninja then poured himself another glass of wine, for medicinal purposes of course, and last night he lit a fire!!






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