“What is it about you and owls?”

imageNow having a house with five cats and two Welshes you get used to bangs and shenanigans in the night; so last night when I heard loud crashes downstairs,and what sounded like a creature with claws running up the stairs, I assumed the cats had caught something that was trying to get away (although why it would run upstairs where two Welshes were sleeping seems a bit stupid to me, because they too are  hunters!!!)

There were  a few more bangs which got the Welshes going and then all was quiet. So when I got up this morning I expected a mouse, dreaded a rat because the claws had sounded bigger than any mouse would have, but was not prepared for what I found. Off Wiglet wiggled into the kitchen before me and then I heard a noise that made me think “what the fuck is that?!!!” It sounded like a mini dragon in my kitchen, or worse, but more likely, a snake. i walked into the kitchen and found this beautiful barn owl trying to get away from my Welshe.

It was terrified, had got itself all caught up in one of those strips to catch flies, which was tangled in its feathers, and the round tube on the bottom was wedged on its claw where it obviously been trying to free itself. I quickly scooped up Wiglet and put her in the garden, rounded up the three cats that were circling and put them in another room and set about on “operation save the owl”.

I screamed for Rich, put on my gardening gloves and picked the owl up, holding its wings tight to it’s body. The poor thing was so tangled in that bloody alwful strip, it’s feathers were stuck together, and the tube was firmly wedged on its foot. But do you know what, as I pulled its claw free, and Rich u got all of the awful tape off it, not once did it go for either of us, it knew we were trying to help. It really was the most beautiful creature,and when I gently turned it and looked at it to reassure it, the way it looked at me, it knew that we love animals,that it was safe with us.

Although we managed to get it all out it was still unable to fly, but would not let me catch it again to try and cut some of the glue from its feathers,and it made its way into the derelict old building at the end of the barn. I only hope that it is able to preen itself enough to fly, I have to believe that or I will worry myself sick about it and any female and chicks it may be responsible for feeding. So I am asking you all today, power of positive thought for the owl, power of positive thought.

As Rich said when we came in,”what is about you and owls?!”

i think someone’s trying to tell me something!






  1. Yes, they say you are intuitive if they visit you, they can also represent death, but it is understood it means change, which we have had a lot of lately. I think they’re telling me I need to get that book written!!!! X


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