Harvest Moon

I am cherishing everything now. (Why do we only seem do that when we are letting things go?) I said in one of my latest blogs that I was going to sit in my garden. It hasn’t disappointed.

Last night RD and I sat in our pyjames with a beer and a wine and we watched this bright gold early Harvest Moon rise.

I could not catch the colour of the moon, but as the sky changed colour it was a beautiful site in that inky blue sky, as it rose over the valley.

As we both sat with tears in our eyes , the bats whizzed around the trees in our garden, and the owl hooted from the distance. (I like to think it was the owl we had saved all those years ago).

I turned to RD and said ‘we may feel as we do now, because we are leaving. But if we were staying would we still be cherishing this moment?’ I believe the answer would be ‘no’, because we humans sadly hold on to something when we know we are going to lose it. It’s not always the best thing to do.

Life has adventures on every corner, if you are brave enough to turn the bend.

To memories of Harvest Moons, and owls and bats, trees in our garden and being blessed to have experienced it.




  1. Ah, adorable to think of you both in your pajamas, the moon and the big night sky. Where were the pups? Already asleep? All this you will find in Ireland as well – as you know. Might be a bit chillier though!
    So good to appreciate it in the moment. As Joni Mitchell says, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”


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