We ‘ave found the English butcher, even though he was not lost!!!

A lot of people have recommended an English butcher in the small town of Gorron, most recently our friend K, who told us that their sausage rolls, and sausages are “just like the ones you get from England.” My apologies to all French people but I have to say that your sausages are minging, and we, quite simply, cannot eat them.

I have also struggled to find any decent joints of beef and yesterday I had a lesson in butchery that explained why: The French do not hang their beef, therefore it is not as tender as English beef, simple as that.

So back to my story I found the butchers (Rich was excited to such a degree he was skipping, because he felt as if he was going to have a lunch just like “Greggs” with a sausage roll and a can of drink!! Bless him! All the way to France and he hankers after a “Greggs” lunch. Oh the sophistication!!). and I too was like a kid in a sweet-shop. They had rump steak, and BIG lamb chops, even more exciting they had mint marinade to go on them!! How sad are we? But trust me you have Bob Hope, No Hope, and Bing Crosby of getting a decent joint of beef for a roast over here. So to find this wonderful Aladdin’s cave was like a dream come true.

We bought a home made pork pie, that was huge, looked like something out of a Dickensian drama; and Rich nom nommed it until it was gone.

Today we went back – we cannot stay away!! We bought minted lamb chops, and two huge sausage rolls that we ate in the street (Oh!! So common – the nuns at the convent I attended school would have died of  shame!) Oh boy were they good, I feel that a sausage, roll, chips and beans dinner is coming on.

I have a new category now folks – food in France and don’t worry I will be blogging about all of my food experiences, including the French ones. But for now Elliotts the butchers is the place to go……Vive la France, Vive Elliotts!!!






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