It’s the simple things – why I love this view



Most evenings, rich and I sit in our stripey chairs, and just watch this view.  I know some will think from all the beautiful views I have from my home, why would I love this  one so much?

Its the perspective, the way the bushes and trees frame the picture, the tall grasses silhouetted against the horizon, and, yes strangely, the electricity pylons leading your eye into infinity. For me it says look at all the endless possibilities that life has to offer you, but the nature in the picture says that they do not have to be materialistic ones, they can be so simple, and yet so beautiful. The grasses sillouhetted against the sky, tall and proud, beautiful in their own right, they come back every year, never giving up, but the fact that they will not be here in just a few months time, reminds me to live for today as well; and yet in the evening, against the sunset sky it makes you think of what tomorrow has to offer yet how wonderful life is now.

I love over living here, it’s the simple things.





  1. Moira, We all have our favourite spots and views, sadly we don’t have fantastic views but we love sitting in the garden watching the bird’s especially the swallows feeding on the wing, last night one of them must have flown into the house, we were sat watching tv and I was suddenly aware of something and when I look up there is this little swallow just sitting on a picture quite happy?


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