Just call us the hippy dippies

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am eccentric and eclectic with my interior decorating taste. I have glitter balls hanging in my garden from the trees, that drives one of our cats Daisy mad as she frantically chases the light around the garden and living room at different times of the day.  (Our French neighbours and friends seemed to have accepted our eccentricity!)  I was a magpie in another life, anything that sparkles catches my eye.

I love the idea of faeries (and for my Irish readers yes leprechauns, in fact I have an Irish cousin in mind that is so full of mischief I’d swear he has a part of leprechaun inside him! You know who you are!!)

As you know I posted last year about the autumn and the fairy kingdoms that had sprung up around my garden, you could almost imagine little lights on in them as the sun went down.


I loved these faerie kingdoms, and then Rich strimmed them!!!!! Oh the romance!

I thought we may have lots of little angry folk hammering on the door!

But seriously I like to have an open mind love things that are different. I have a witches ball hanging in my window, with fine threads of glass running through it, which are designed to attract evil spirits and then trap them forever in the globe.


I have angels hanging all over my house, and hearts that light up at night in the window.


So I was delighted to find a magical kingdom when I attended a picnic at my French teachers house. Her husband makes small faerie houses from tree trunks, and I have asked Rich to consider one for my Christmas present, I would love one in my garden. He makes toadstools and beautiful benches, and swinging benches, from tree trunks, all with a chainsaw.


They also had a gypsy caravan that they have renovated that they rent out to holiday makers, I love it and asked Rich if it would be too sad to stay in it one night when we only live thirty five minutes away!! The grounds are beautiful, and if you are animal lovers you would be in your element with the mini pigs, ducks, chickens, and sheep.


I was beside myself that I have found people that are as eccentric as we are with our taste, and I love going there for my French lessons.

If any of my readers would like to check out their site here it is … http://www.fermedboheme.jimdo.com

I feel one of those faerie houses will be coming my way!!







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