It’s the little things, that’s when life is showing you the way.

Rich and I firmly believe that life will always show you the way. The basic principle of Tao’ism is this, to go with the flow and it will work out in the end. I have learnt to not worry about things that I cannot change, because worrying will not change them! Instead I say to myself, and often to Rich (or he often says it to me) “Life will show us the way.” And it does.

So the saga of the roof continues, and I will provide updates with regard to the fight that will take place, but until  then I’m not going to dwell on it and give it credence. However on Saturday our dear friend sent someone round to help Rich; we bought two hundred tiles and hoped for the best, but life has another plan, and it could not be repaired. We now have a professional tarp’ in place keeping the rain out. We cannot afford to replace the roof, even with help, but if needs be we will be as many tiles as we can each month until we do have enough to do the roof.

On a plus note we have our log burner fitted, because they decided to this instead when they realised that the roof could not be easily repaired, so at least we will be warm, but perhaps slightly wet if we have to go into the kitchen for anything (obviously a glass or red was predominant in my mind)!! So I decided tonight, because there is a slight chill in the air, to give it a go….


And yes it is lovely and warm. In fact I’ve had to take my dressing gown off!!

But prior to that we had a wonderful sunset; I was in my kitchen and this was the beautiful light that the sunset provided…


But for me it was more the thing that it highlighted, and what it said……..


Do more of what makes you happy.The bunting underneath says “Live, Laugh, Love, Often”  Highlighted by the setting sun. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something?

I always see the small meanings in life, have done in the last nine years more than I ever did before. Recently I was reminded of how things can change in a heartbeat, to quote somebody lovely who I met this weekend “One minute someone can be there, and the next minute they are gone forever.”

I was inspired to blog this time, but more than ever the evening sun prompted me to come up to my computer and do just that. I am sitting here now with my two welshies around me, in the light of my 1940’s desk lamp, that I got for twenty euro in a small curiosity shop when I first moved over, listening to the owls outside. A hole in the roof is a small thing when compared to what else could happen, and the wonder of what is around you, if you just choose to see it.

In addition how could I not love these teddies?










  1. Oh Moira I really feal for you, we have always said as long as we have a roof over our heads, food on our table and good friends to share it with we will be ok, when the roof has gone it is a different story, We have a very fragile roof and God knows what we would do if it went, we were always told by our insurance that we couldnt insure the roof, anyway as long as you have each other you will be ok x


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