Beware Allianz insurance – a true warts and all story

I have have always said that I will share our adventure warts and all, and here is a very big wart: For those people who are insured with Allianz, the sponsors of the para-Olympics, beware, if you have an old house in France beware. They will try and con you.

So as some of you may know we have been waiting a considerable time for Allianz insurance head office to deal with our claim for our new roof. It was damaged by storm Kaitie in April and has now had further considerable damage due to Tuesday’s tornado. An assessor was sent out at the beginning of August and we have heard nothing since. I try to embrace French life and go with the flow, I know things go slowly out here, but due to the further damage, we now have water pouring In to kitchen here you can see the various pots collecting the water …….



Rich wasn’t able to fix it due to the damage, and we have a tarpaulin over it. I chased the insurance company again and received an email to say that they won’t repair the roof because our house is old!!! Seriously I kid you not!! I asked if the main roof got blown off does this mean it’s not covered? In fact is anything covered because they can cop out on anything because guess what? All of our house is fucking old? I obviously asked this politely, but firmly, and the young girl at our local office could obviously not answer me. It’s a con. They happily  took money off us, knowing our house is old, nowhere does it stipulate in our insurance that there is a clause.

The poor young girl our or local office was beside herself, and I have advised that I want to complain, and want to know if France has a Ombudsman  that I can also report them to. For those who know me, it’s not a good place to be with me, I will not leave it now. so watch this space as this will run and run I won’t leave it. That’s why I’ve put their name in the title because I will tweet this.

But on the bright side we’re well, we are happy and we’re alive.

But you just knew it was going to persist down when you have a hole in the roof!!!!!!





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