My poor husband

Now some of you may remember that I blogged last year that a set of shelves that we had were probably on death row (as my husband likes to put it, when I something starts to move it’s way out of the door to the barn.)  Someone commented that I should keep them so I came up with the idea of putting them on top of a chest of drawers we had and making a dresser out of both items.

Of course both items were downstairs so poor Rich lugged them up our spiral stairs on his own one weekend, because I was house sitting, and put them together to surprise me. He had to screw it to the wall, but he did it all for his wife, blesss…….

However! A year has gone by and things have moved on at a pace (not least to say the continuous movement of our furniture because the living room has been changed at least five times since we decorated last December). Our ever evolving home!

Due to the HUUUUUUUUGE electricity bill we had drop on the mat in June (a steep learning curve if ever there was one!) we have reviewed how we are going to heat the house this winter; (added to that the fact that the house was bloody freezing and  we needed to make it warmer) and we decided to put our small log burner in the kitchen.

This meant that the butchers block, (that I put in the kitchen in March when I turned the cupboard I had previously shabby chic’ed up for the kitchen into a log store and moved it into the the living room,  and which poor  Rich had to remove the doors from when he got home from work one day ) was put back into the pantry to make room (we’re back talking about the butchers block now- keep up!!)  However I did need something to fit in the gap,that the butchers block had left, but something smaller;so that the log burner could fit in.

So one Sunday morning when my darling husband was snuggled up to me, snoring gently (at 53 it’s what you tend to do in bed on a Sunday morning!) and I was reading a housey magazines (he loves it when I do that, I always come out of the toilet with a new idea!!) I sat bolt upright and said “you know that dresser you made for me?”

“Yeeeeesss” came his reply, with a decidedly suspicious tone to it as if to say “Oh God! What does she want me to do now?!

Well I want to take it apart and back downstairs,  put the drawers in the kitchen in the space that butchers block has left, and the shelves in the pantry (which I had just reconfigured – there is a blog coming about the ever evolving pantry.)

“Really? I don’t think it will fit.” He said, in desperation.

So the next day when he was at work I measured it, and the shelves for the pantry. He was so pleased when I told him that they both fitted into the spaces I had earmarked for them.

Needless to say resistance is futile and the shelves are in the pantry, working very well I may add, and the drawers are in the kitchen. Bless him, he took them downstairs one weekend to surprise me – There seems to be a theme here!

Anyway the shelves are still awaiting work, but the drawers are shabby chic’ed to the max, from this:


To this:



I loved the 1950’s pink colour so much that this is the main colour, with some bluey grey thrown in for good measure.

Here is the next project, a shelf for beside the plate rack,  that will be included in a blog in the future, it is done and on the wall but the silly bugger has forgot to send me the picture. (My poor husband!)  Here is the start of them anyway:



Rich thought it would make the kitchen look too crowded, but as I said resistance is futile so, bless him, he has put them on the wall for me this weekend.

But…  just to add insult to injury, since the saga of the roof, we have decided that it might be best not to put another hole in the roof for the log burners chimney, we just don’t think the roof needs anymore holes!! So we bought two second hand large gas burners, and one is sitting nicely next to the shabby chic chest of drawers!!! We will be snug for the winter.

Bless Rich he has given in to the pink!!!! Bless him for putting up with all my changes and ideas, I know he loves it, he tells me so. Bless him for loving me.

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Look out for the next post





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