Oh serendipity! My beloved friend

For those who have not read my blog before yes, it is about my move to France and all that it entails, but I also started this blog for those people out there who are thinking to themselves “Is this it?!” To, hopefully, provide encouragement to them to make change in their life, to understand that it is not impossible, but also to give a true picture of what it entails, it is not just “a move!” When you move countries you are , in fact, starting a new life, total!  But the opportunity that offers. …..

It enables you to become a different person, by reflecting on your previous life and deciding where,and if , you want to change things; (although for most I would hope that there would always be something they may change, I also know that sadly  for some that will not be true.)

Now as most of you know I am a great reflector. I believe that you can learn so much by looking at yourself; at this time of year especially,  when it seems as if the world around me is looking at itself and deciding that it needs to make some changes, but is still so beautiful as it does it, even though predominantly the change that will take place is death. …..What better time to take stock?

I have recently started to study the ‘Tao’ which, for those who have not considered it, is about considering balance, considering how you label people, understanding that there is a bigger thing than just planning and moving forward. To sometimes just let things be and see what happens and much more beside.

It has got me thinking.

I recently asked someone over here why a large contingent of English people seemed to be so vicious to each other. I could not understand why, when they have supposedly moved to a ‘better way of life’; albeit different; they then seemed so concerned with what others were doing, or not doing, instead of just letting them get on with it, even if they struggled to wish them well.

The response was that they had moved over here but continued to live their lives in the same way that they lived it in England; and that summed it up for me. They had not changed anything other than the country.

It was a good answer that gave me the perspective that I needed.

Life is hard out here, work can be difficult to come by, and you do need to be able to survive, but by being vicious to others?

When I came out here I came out to embrace the culture, and yes,  although I love the French I cannot always agree that French food is the best in the world; or that there is not a wealth of what appears to be ridiculous bureaucracy, (not least what is going on with my insurance claim for me roof at the moment.)

But for me it is not even about the people, despite our lovely neighbours and friends, and the (very few) English friends we have made since moving here;  it is about the abundance of nature wherever I go; the fact that we are both acutely aware of what we use and what we really need; it is about not getting caught up in the crap, because we are so in the middle of nowhere I don’t have to.

It is about not living my life in the same way.

It is about being grateful for what I have got, my health, a husband who I love more than words can say, who loves me back; two dogs that were destined to live with us, and not anybody else; a cat with no teeth who was left with us after we moved here and is high on the autistic spectrum, again destined to live with us because we would have the patience to simply love her. It is about good friends who truly care about us and really hope that we have a good life. It is about the deer that are in the fields as I drive through the countryside, watching the wild boar run across the fields in front of us down to the river.

It is about balloons flying so close over your garden you can touch them.


I sit in my bedroom writing looking out at the trees in my garden, it feels as if I am in a tree house, floating above the ground, and I am lucky.


And more than anything for me it is about realising that I am just a spec where this world is concerned, a blip that we will be here and then gone in a blink of an eye in comparison to other things that surround me. Trees that were here in medieval times, will still be here after I am long gone.

This view with all the autumn colours in all their glory is costing me nothing, has been here for hundreds of years and will be here when I am gone. I just count myself lucky I get to see it, and it doesn’t cost me anything.)


It is difficult without work, you have to eat, be able to survive it is worrying, but here’s something to consider:

“The ego is  a demanding force that’s never satisfied: It constantly requires that we seek more money, power, acquisitions, glory, and prestige to provide the fuel it thinks it must have……. ”

“Ego wants the opposite, as it tells you to think of yourself first and “get yours” before someone else beats you to it. The main problem listening to ego is that you’re always caught in the trap of striving and never arriving.”

“Change your thoughts change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao”

Author: Dr Wayne W.Dyer.

So what’s serendipity got to do with this you ask? Well due to my blog I have joined a publishing company website “misfit press” who made contact with me via Facebook – I am assuming because of this blog. For those of you who want to expand your way of thinking have a look at them. Especially the review for “In my own way.” By the late Alan Watts, I want that book!!!!!  There’s some irony there!!!

Just something to think about for the week.





  1. Now that is a very good blog, I enjoyed it so much, I agree with you that the English communities seem to want to constantly be bickering and running each other down, we have learnt about this the hard way and now stay well away from them,.. you are also so lucky to have your dream home in your dream place, we bought our house as it was the right price with the intention of doing it up and selling on, it didn’t tick all of or boxes but sadly we are still here and probably wouldn’t be able to afford to move, but we make the most of what we have and are thankful, there is always the euromillions 😊


    • You have each other my friend, and for that you are truly blessed. Your attitude to life is inspiring, i hope that we’re like you two when we get older. Thank you for your wonderful feedback xx


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