And the little dogs laughed to see such fun, and we had lots of vin rouge

A wonderful memory from this year


So they have been and gone, and it all went too quickly. I have not seen my friend for over a year and it shocked me how much we cried when they left, in fact it’s bringing a tear to my eye now.

We have had such fun, from the drinking of much vin rouge (as anyone who lives here will tell you it is obligatory at only 1.99 euro a bottle -that’s our limit and we don’t go above it!) to eating our tea (you can take the girl out of Essex) at anytime from ten thirty pm to past midnight.

The traditional French meals were cooked Croque Madame – gobbled up, Chicken Parmejano (Italian) and Kebab (he he).


We tried to squeeze in as much French culture as we could from visiting many French supermarkets (their choice) where Rich tried on hats with the girls in each one…

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