For people who are struggling as autumn fades and winter takes hold

I’ve said many times that I find this time of year particularly evocative. It makes me reflect on things gone by, of things passing, and at times it makes me feel a little bit sad.

In the past few weeks I have been reminded that we are just a blip in the world, and that with each year that passes, each season that passes, our lives too are passing us by.

When you look at autumn in all her glory she is so beautiful, in any country that you live. But she is a bit like the ‘ghost of Christmas past’ when he arrives at Scrooges house, so full of life and exuberance, but leaves faded, yet still beautiful to see; but sadly dying, leaving only memories of a time gone by.

I know that Autumn is a melancholy season, especially as winter starts to spread it’s fingers and take hold; and, I do think that people struggle with it, feel “down” and “fed up”, but they don’t know why. So this post is for those people. I think that you feel the way you do because something is telling you to think about the summer that has past, and to, perhaps, remember that life is fleeting; but don’t see that as a negative, because if you look at the trees they already have buds, waiting to bloom when Persephone returns from the underworld next year.

Don’t take this as something to be sad about, take it as a wake up call to enjoy every day, whatever the weather. Don’t take anything for granted, don’t moan about the cold, instead snuggle in front of the fire, or, if you don’t have a fire a radiator with a snuggle blanket.

I challenge you to go out in the rain, feel it on your skin, feel the cold, but smell the wonderful  smell that the rain brings with it, a fresh smell that is welcoming something new; and then, when you get home, have a hot shower, get changed into something soft and warm, feel the warmth of your home, and don’t think about all the other crap that life holds. Just enjoy the moment. I’ve challenged you so I too will do this and let you know how I felt.

And before some people say “It is alright for you, you live in France!” Yes I do, in a house that half of the roof on the kitchen missing and a cesspit that leaks into the cellar! We, like you, have to earn money and being self employed this is not always easy. But what will worrying about it change? Nothing! So I am opening myself up to all opportunities and not focusing on the negative. Please join me.

Don’t worry about money, things, Christmas, because, and I’m not being miserable here, who knows if you will even be here at Christmas! Remember Christmas is meant to be a time of joy, of coming together, not necessarily just with family or friends, and being grateful for what we have, not dressing up in what we’ve bought and going out for a walk just to show it to the neighbours. If you haven’t seen it look out for the advert, when I saw it that made me sad, because is that what Christmas is all about?! Not for me.

So autumn is nature’s way of reminding us that we could be here today and gone tomorrow, and that everything must change, to quote the great George Benson song, (other versions are available); autumn tells us to enjoy everything we see that surrounds us shows us that how, even though they are dying, the plants rejoice in the life they have had this year to the very end. Showing off their beautiful colours, even when the leaves have left their branches, with striking reds and yellows on their twigs. They are saying “I’m alive, and I’m grateful.”

How many times have you forgotten to stop and look?


So this post is about helping people to step out of the material world, and all the worries that it brings with it, and just see what you have around you, that costs you nothing, comes back every year, and never gives up. There are many sayings that tell you not to worry, and to live here, and now:

It will all come out in the wash.

Tomorrow may never come

Worrying won’t change anything – but it will close your mind to any other opportunities that may come your way!

My mantra in life – “The only moment is now – oops, and now it’s gone.”

Even though the swifts know that they have a long flight ahead, they still dance in the sky at the thought of what lies ahead, rejoice that they are alive, grateful for each day.  This is one of the things that I love about living here, I am reminded of that every day, and I count my blessings every day – and none of them are material things.


Last year I posted about autumn, and all the lovely little fairy kingdoms that were sprouting up all over my garden, and then Rich strimmed them! Well they’re back! They have not given up, nature will never give up, and this time Rich has strict instructions not to strim them, I just want to enjoy them as they remind me of the resilience of life; and I am still waiting to see the lights on when dusk falls.



So come on folks, cheer up, breathe, be silent, step off the hamster wheel  and feel what is around you.

My geraniums have been put to bed, they have had their last hurrah for this year, but they will be back. And so will you if you let yourself be.


We have left the logs, that were chopped from the trees decimated by the tornado, so that they will provide insect houses for this winter, I love the way they look in my garden, natures little sculptures.

Have a good weekend – take that walk!







  1. I’m such a city person, reveling in the “bain de foule,” taking energy from the diversity of the people around me. But living in a tiny rural village for the past 12 years has forced me to find energy in nature. Autumn is hard for me–I lost both my parents last fall, and it will forever be linked to that. I give in to the melancholy for a while; soon Christmas will change my ideas.


    • I understand how difficult it is when a time of year comes around that reminds us of the loss of loved ones. Being only a year since you lost your parents this time will be really hard. My mum died in April, a time of renewal, and for a long time April was not a good time for me and bad things always seemed to happen. I am currently reading the Tao, and in verse sixteen it explains about all that changes in life, which inevitably means death as well as other things, the cycle of life which it explains as no life, life, no life; and how the reality is that with endings come beginnings. I know that to lose someone so close to you this may be is hard to consider, but I now understand that it is just that. I hope that this is not too raw for you, but that you will be able to consider these words at such a difficult and perhaps dark time, and find some comfort. Look forward to Christmas, and when that ends the new year will be here, a new beginning,and then the crocus and lily of the valley will poke their head up, and say “look we are the never ending cycle of life.” Sending a hug, I know that you will need it.



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