We’ll just take off that textured wallpaper I said!

Why oh why did I not listen to myself? When Rich and I moved in I said” we won’t kill ourselves, we’ll make the house look lovely, but it doesn’t have to be perfect anymore.”  But then I looked  at the textured wallpaper in our bedroom and thought  ” let’s remove it, we can do it, we have a paper stripper!”

So last week I managed to get a hold of a sheet of the stuff on the wall and off I went ripping it off. “How weird I thought it’s like string?!” But off I went again leaving a big strip shape hole in the paper.

On Sunday I ensconced hamster face hubby downstairs (for those who don’t know about Rich please see my previous blog) and I thought I can do this. I’ll start without a paper stripper because this stuff is weird and stringy. (Still alarm bells did not ring!) The only way you could get it off was with a Stanley glass scraper and in some places it would lift and I could pull it. But as I was pulling it it felt like things were sticking in my hands and my skin started itching. ” This feels like fiberglass” I thought” it really does – I need to explain I am allergic to fiberglass.

So off I went downstairs and looked it up, and lo! All was revealed it was fiberglass! They had stuck fiberglass netting on the wall, and I had started to strip it, so had no choice I had to bloody finish!

I went  into Hammy and said ” we’re  only stripping one wall, I should have listened to myself and just painted over it. It’s bloody fiberglass, and now I have done a quarter of the wall we will have to finish stripping it now!” (Notice I said “we” as I realised the crappiness of the task. So toothache or not he was helping!)

But the next day, bless him he looked so poorly I soldiered on for three hours, and the next day for five hours, with long sleeves and thick suede gloves on, and still the f********* thing was firmly stuck to the wall in some places. I tried the paper stripper, nada, it melted it in parts but then it just went gloopy. As you can see poor hubby came up to help me yesterday, because I had lost the will to live, and he finally finished it.  What a joy it was here it is all over the floor.


Our bedroom? This is what it looked like yesterday:



Obviously the cats and dogs were not allowed anywhere near. We are in our old bed, which whilst it has an extremely comfy mattress, it is a king size and we are now used to a super king. Wiglet the welshie is fine, she lays on the daybed because she is a princess. Harley he sleeps with mummy and daddy because he is a baby, and he is getting soooooo hot, along with the fact that every time hammy moves with his toothache, Harley has to move and he SERIOUSLY put out!

Today I got to it. I cleared the crap up, wearing huge rubber gloves up my arms, I could have put my hand quite comfortably up a cows arse, and trust me it would have been more enjoyable! But we did it and the first coat of paint has been put on the wall, and I am moving forward. Just the rest of the room, a rocking chair to shabby chic, the dressing tables I have to complete, a blanket box to shabby chic, and two tall boys to paint. Not much!!! Oh and I forgot the wardrobe!

As promised look out for the next update.









  1. Hahaha! Miserable for you and “Hammy,” but quite funny for us (sorry, but true). Hope you can get back to normal life soon!


  2. Oh no Moira that is some awful stuff and makes you so uncomfortable if it gets on your skin as you probably have already found out but well done on getting it donem hope poor Rich is starting to feel better by now.


    • Don’t I know it! But the paint is on the wall now yey!!! Sadly the other three walls are going to take 3 coats, but my color scheme Is looking good. Look out for Moore posts, I think you’ll love it! Xx


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