A short post because the bloody iPad cannot keep up. But we are warm, yes fluffy bootees and fleecy dressing gown, but no socks, and the sofa is miles away from the fire (slight exaggeration there, but not on top of it like last year) and we are warm.

What did we do? We listened to our friend, bought a duel fuel burner from England (difficult to buy here, and a LOT more expensive.) Then we fitted it properly with ALL of the flue in place and then……….. We bought this:


See it? The silver blur? It’s a stove fan, and it works! Since its arrival yesterday we have used a third less wood, and the whole house is warm. At 48 pounds, which included delivery it was a lot, and fingers hovered for a long time over the button, but we looked at the overall investment. Thank you our dear friend.

I recommend it folks.

Must go iPad is so slow it can’t keep up with my typing! And hubby (the hamster face is gone down) is cooking me up kebab, I will get to sit on my kitchen stool and watch him cook, for the  first time since moving in!

Look out, more posts coming.

Happy weekend.