Hello to all my readers

I know that some have been waiting for the final reveal from my recent decorating antics in my bedroom. But be patient it is coming; in the meantime here is a little thing to tantalize your imagination. (Is it me or does this sound a bit like something out of a porn mag?!)

I have painted the bedroom in shades of grey, as I have most of my house because grey has become my favourite colour. The wall behind our bed is a very dark, bluey grey, and actually looks very rustic after the debacle with the fiberglass (see previous post). The other three walls are painted with a grey that has a red base so in some lights it looks grey, in others white, and in others a beautiful pinky lavender. For those of you who read my blog you are aware that we have large windows and the light where we live is beautiful. Even though we are not back on our bedroom yet I find myself stopping and looking as the day passes because the walls change colour as if by magic.

We have put a rustic shelf above my bed (an old scaffold board I bought over from England) and Rich has come up with a wonderful idea for our imitation electric stove fire, so watch this space. The boy has been drilling, drilling, drilling and the room is finally taking shape, but I still have at least two days shabby chic’ing to do to the furniture as well as paint the skirting board and we also have to put the lights up.

So to keep you tantalized here is an update on my two bedside cupboards. They were in a state not least because they are MDF and not wood, so any drinks spilt over them over time have done their damage and made the top of each cabinet very lumpy and bumpy. This meant that I was unable to just paint them with chalk paint, I had to disguise them with something so that the lumps and bumps did not show. Here is a before picture:


I came up with a master plan. I used some sticky backed fabric squares to make a quilt effect on top of each cupboard, and varnished all to within an inch of their lives. I just have to rub them over with wax now and they are good to go.

Also we were randomly looking in a bargain basement part of our Bricolage and I found some chalk paint (French) that had been knocked down to five euro, I think it was because it was a colour that would not be popular in French households, but for me it was a gift because it is the most beautiful shade of lilac. I snapped it up, and as well as painting our side cupboards with it our old Ikea wardrobe is getting a makeover to this beautiful shade of pinky lilac. Bless my husband he is so in touch with his feminine side!

So here they are, in all their glory, and you can see our new rustic effect wall behind them. The rocking chair is also due for a makeover, but in all honesty that will have to be after Christmas now, as that takes some time to paint well.




Look out late next week for the big reveal!

If you like my blog please share with others, have a good weekend, and think of me painting, painting, painting!!