A couple of appetisers

For the last three days I have been frantically distressing our furniture. To say I am now shabby chic’ed out is an understatement! I only have the rocking chair left and what will have to wait until after Christmas because they have so many curves they are notoriously difficult to do.

I know that many are waiting for the big reveal, and I am nearly there, the curtains are up, Imelda Marcos’s shoes have been sorted (no, not mine Rich’s!) bad the giant fluff balls that were living under our bed have now gone to giant fluff ball heaven (also known as the Hoover!) all I have to do is hoover the bed itself, in case Mr Fiberglass is lurking there (see previous posts if you have not read about this decorating adventure) and then I will be making the bed, putting the ten thousand cushions on it, and sleeping in my own bed for the first times no three weeks. (Although I have just realised that all our beds our my own bed, so. Or sure about that one, but you get the gist)

In the meantime I thought I would show you some of my work:

This is our IKEA wardrobe that we bought sixteen year ago.


I have always loved it but it  lived in the loft for thirteen years because our house had fitted wardrobes and it did not fit anywhere. So out it has come, I have painted it the lovely lilac pink I told you about and distressed it with a dark grey, added two pink chrystal handles and this is then result.  I love the way it now looks so old and battered, when it was just white MDF!! perhaps it is the time of year, but it makes me think of Miss Haversham.


And this is our old Ikea tallboy, over the years it has been pine, cream, blue and now it is a soft shade of grey, distressed with lavender pink, and perked up with a mixture of the old wooden knobs and lavender and neutral crystals. You can also see our dressing mirror, also distressed with pink and greys, oh yes! I have really gone for it, and over the last three days I have distressed a further six items of furniture. In the first picture you can see the tallboy in the background, and then the after pictures.



The final reveal is coming look out for more.








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