Don’t focus on the door at the end of the tunnel, live in the here and now.

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In my recent post ‘Where do I begin’ I talked about the aims that I had for last year and said that this year I would have hopes, instead of aims. As I have said I have always been a hard task master on myself, but I have changed. I think that driving yourself sometimes has such a negative effect, not least that you can feel like a failure if you have not achieved the aims that you set for yourself, which doesn’t allow the you to see the things that, no, you did not have on the list, but you achieved anyway. But, because we have not thought about them because they were not on the list, because you have not achieved ‘aims from the list’, the bloody list! You have failed.

Believe me life shows you the way sometimes, let me explain:

As you know, I follow the Tao, live in the here and now, do not close my mind to opportunities because I am too focused on the future. Here is an analogy, that I often use to remind myself to keep my mind open:

You are in a long corridor with a door at the end, your aim. Now down that very very long corridor are lots of other doors, but you are so focused on the door at the end, you do not see what the other doors offer to you when they open as you pass, or what advice they offer. You just keep ploughing on towards the door at the end, not seeing what life is screaming at you sometimes. For example….

Last year Rich and I did not have new water heater as one of our aims. We did not know that our water heater was, quite literally, pouring money down the drain. We did not understand French water heaters, they do not have an expansion tank, and therefore release a certain amount of water a week. We did not know, as explained to us by our lovely plumber, is that they should release about half a cup to a cupful of water a week. When we moved in our water heater was losing a bucket every three days! But we did not question this, we were too afraid we might have to buy a new one!

Oh No! I hear you say. But wait…. it got worse until in the end it was losing a bucket a day! But still we focused on our aims, that we needed our money for the future, until it broke. (At this point the analogy would be that a fist came out of the door and punched us in the side of the head to make us listen!) We did find the money then, we had to!

But there is more to this story. We then got our electricity bill and it was 2443 euro! Yep you heard right. So I now monitor our electricity daily and I know that since we had the new boiler installed (which cost approx 600 euro with fitting) our bill is going to be less than 1000 euro. We poured 1443 euro down the drain! That would have replaced our barn roof, which was one of our aims! Because we were so focused on what we aimed for we did not think differently. A lesson learned. And for all those thinking of moving here and buying a house, seriously get your water heater checked, and buy a new one if you have to.

I have learned this lesson in so many things now, I do not target anything; I know what I would like, but I also keep my mind open to opportunity. I live for the moment, and do you know what, it works.

So, as promised, here are my hopes for this year:

That I get some articles published – and although they may not have my name on them I think that is already happening, of which there will be another blog next week. But I also want to get some published in my name, and I know to do this I have to have the confidence and bite the bullet.

To finish writing my book and get an agent.

To sell some shabby chic furniture – I have had so many comments about it that I think “Why not?” I love doing it and I am good at it.

To decorate our spare bedroom, and turn it into the vintage and hobby themed room I want it to be.

To decorate our hall.

To finish the snagging in the other rooms we have decorated, not least the toilet window and our side window which needs to be painted blue to match the others.

To roof our kitchen – I find it always helps to have a roof on the kitchen!!

To build two sets of steps in our garden, and possibly a bridge across our chemin.

Sadly to replace our front door. I have tried to save it, as you know from previous blogs, but it is on death row, it is truly beyond repair.

But for me the most important one is to set myself up as freelancer and start to use my brain again……… Look out for the next blog it will be about this, and it will include something about rudeness,and freedom!

So I have started and you can now find my blog on the app and follow me there.

I will let you know how I get on with the rest next year!

Look out for some more posts folks and as always please share.


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  1. Moira there always seems to be something to spend our money on here especially with our houses being so old, we are like you and need a new roof over the kitchen and dining room but we hang on and hope the wind doesn’t take anymore tiles off.


  2. You still have a list, of course, because you are productive, active people, but it’s good not to feel that it all must be accomplished in a set amount of time. Selfishly, I hope you’ll spend a bigger chunk of time writing and taking photos around your corner of France, because I do enjoy your posts. That electric bill still seems shocking at 1000 euros. Is it that high every month?


    • Oh no that is a year Ellen, they bill you here once a year and then your contract starts again. That is France! I will be writing more, one of my posts in the next week will hopefully explain more.


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