A birthday full of thoughtfulness, love and simple things

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a wonderful birthday I had. Full of simple things, kindness and thoughtfulness, from both new friends in France and loved ones in England.

i started my day travelling home from house sitting at a friends house. It’s freezing cold, and the first greetings of the day were from the chickens at our friends house, the girlies and Claude, as I call them.

I have always wanted pendant lights over my island in my kitchen. I wanted them in my last house, but couldn’t have them and they are something I have dreamed of. When we moved here and built the kitchen, with my island, I had the perfect opportunity, I had an island, and beams and I have nagged Rich for the last year. I had the pendants, old enamel ones.  I had bought them in France three years ago at a Vide Grenier, whilst I was on holiday. I knew I would use them one day!

The night before my birthday I had been watching Charlie Luxton, building the dream, and soooooo envied the woman with her pendant lights over her island. “I wonder, I thought, I could  emotionally blackmail Rich into putting my lights up as my birthday present?”

So off I went in my smart car, and fifty minutes later arrived  home to these two looking at me  through the fence wagging their whole bodies because they were soooooo pleased to see mummy.



In I went, and the was my darling husband, ironing clean bedding for me, off I went, chittle chortling (that means chattering away) and then I saw them, with a note attached, saying “to my darling wife, couldn’t afford to buy you a present, so I did these for you instead.”



I couldn’t believe it, I cried!! He had spent a whole day putting these up.

Then the French class starting arriving, my lovely French teacher bought some cakes, my beautiful friend Jan bought me presents and a card, and our fresh lesson was fun.

After they left I opened my cards, and a present from my dear friend, Trish, who had remembered I had left my fairy door behind, and so she sent me these.



I’ve put them on my window frames, so the fairies can let themselves in now!

And most importantly  I opened my cards, and I had a beautiful card from my son, telling me he would see me soon. I had many more, including so many wishes on Facebook, including  a lovely e card.

i then had my hair cut, and for the first time in a long time it feels like my hair. A big thank you to my new hairdresser, it helped to make my day.

Off  we went to the English butcher (see we ave found the English butcher even though he was not lost!) for some lamb chops and sausages, and a walk around the local town Gorron, and a coffee.

My day was finished off by a quick drink with my mad, and wonderful, friend, and a catch up with people on the phone.

A big thank you to everyone, you really, really, made , my day. I am very lucky, it’s the small  things.

Please share folks and thanks for reading









  1. Your lights look lovely Mois, these memories are more precious than gold, so what lovely people you have got surrounding your life. A precious gift indeed 💋💋💋


  2. What a wonderful OH you have to have been so thoughtful and put your lights up and without blackmail too, glad you had a wonderful day, we must come to the butchers again soon, you never know we may see you then we would be real friends proper. x


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