My ever evolving home, I’ve been at it again!!

I cannot believe that it is February already, where is this year going? I seemed to have run out of time in the last week and have only today had time to sit at my computer to write! But here is one of the reasons why:

My lovely mother in law gave us money fro Christmas, with the strict instructions that we bought something special, so we bought this…..


If you look closely you can see the parcel tape stuck to it and the chips on it.

I have always wanted one of those metal pantry cupboards from the 1950s, they are expensive now, and as rare as rocking horse shite; so imagine my excitement  when I saw an advert for the French version, looking so similar, on a local FaceBook site for thirty euro, I kid you not, about twenty Englsh pounds.

Bless hubby he said “Get it darling.” God I love that man!

So, off ‘that man’ went to get the cupboard. He  had a lovely afternoon with the English people who were selling it; which made up for the pea soup (fog for my American readers) he had to drive through to get it, down windy, windey lanes in France, up hill and down dale when he couldn’t see a hand in front of his face the fog was so thick! But he loves me so he persevered!

After he brought it home the cupboard was dispatched to the barn until after Christmas, as you may remember I was all ‘shabby chic’ed’ out!  But on Sunday out it came.

Now for  those of you  who have been following my blog you may remember that in the last seventeen months we have been living here I have had my butchers block in the kitchen, a grey cupboard that I shabby chic’ed up, bought from a vide grenier, which I then turned into a log cabinet.IMG_20150925_175241



Then  we had a chest of drawers that I persuaded hubby to carry upstairs and turn into a dresser, which I then asked him to dismantle and carry the drawers downstairs where I shabby chic’ed them up and put them in the kitchen, in the gap left by the cupboard. Remember they were pink!!


Well guess what? They are back upstairs!! The shelves and plate rack that I had painted and for which hubby had had to spend about three hours, trying to hang them on the stone wall, with much cursing and drilling, have had to come back down (seriously my husband has the patience of a saint, he had already had to move the shelves once to make room for the plate rack!!) Well the plate rack now stands independently on the unit and the shelves have been carried upstairs for another day!




The new cupboard now has pride of place in the kitchen and it has taken me over ten hours to shabby chic it and I probably have another three hours to go! But I love it, I have so much space now in my kitchen, and Tilly our youngest cat has something to hide behind so Wiglet, the bugger, cannot see her!!!



It is now a pale grey, dry brushed with a darker shade, and looks really old.

But….. things are not that simple, Oh No!! We took the drawers upstairs and decided that there is too much in our spare bedroom where I write. We asked ourselves, as predominantly there is only us here why do we need a daybed and a king size bed? We don’t. So Rich then had to dismantle the king size bed to make room for the drawers. My room looks like a crap hole and that is the job for the weekend….






But the tidying up will be followed in the near future with stripping the wallpaper (with clowns on as you will see) and by Jove I am going for it!!! I am going to decorate the bedroom!! I need to do something to keep me warm!

Not only that I am going to paint my lovely industrial desk I got from a vide grenier for twenty euro, and the bureau that I was given by my lovely friend Keith, and possibly anything else that gets in the way. You know what I am like!

So watch this space as there will be more renovation posts to come.

But for those readers who love the reflective posts, look out for tomorrows post you won’t be disappointed!

Enjoy your weekend


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  1. I love it Moira, always liked those 1950’s caninets. Please don’t get rid of the double bed, I don’t think Den, myself and Boo could fit on the daybed lol 😂😂❤💋


  2. I had to laugh at the way you get Rich to take something upstairs then back down because you have changed your mind because I am just like that, poor John is forever doing stuff and then I say “oh no it isnt right”
    I cant wait to see what you do with it so dont forget to post a pic of the finished article, I would love to shabby chic things but I am not brave enough.


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