A lovely way to spend an evening with candle light and things I love…….

Rich is home after being away for a few days and we are continuing my birthday celebrations at home; we have lit some candles and have a glass of wine in hand, with Welshies and cats all around us and it is lovely.

I just thought I would share a few photos with you…….

Here are some or the things I love, especially when lit up by candlelight.

My lovely cherub, one of my favourite things because I bought it for four pounds from Asda twelve years ago, and left it in the garden as was intended. Over seven years it aged beautifully and I realised that I would pay a fortune for it if I bought it in the condition it was in, because you have to pay for the aging process!!  So I  brought it indoors. It really is irreplaceable. You can also see a mosaic votive that I bought when we first moved to Herne Bay, and when the sunlight streams in the window it bounces prisms all around the living room.


There are the lovely  cherubs I had as a Christmas present last year, for my French readers, yes they are from Action and they are beautiful. You can also see my shabby chic log cabinet looking good in the candlelight (see my previous post about how this evolved, it is under my ever evolving home) .


One of my other most favourite things I own is my washstand, with a marble top,  I purchased it for twenty pounds at a boot sale in England. It will never have any shabby chic things done to it, because, in the same way as the cherub, nature has aged it more than I ever could because it was left in a garden and then a leaky garage.


You may be picking up that as well as animals my house is full of sparklies and I we love it. I love the way the things on my mantelpiece glow on in the firelight.


So my wonderful friend Jan picked up my love of candles and sparkles and bought me a candle that changes colours for my birthday, I could watch it for hours. It is the thoughtfulness of people that I love.

So I am enjoying a sparkly evening in my home, one of the big things I have learnt living out here? It really is the simple things that count.

And, for Rich, the icing on the cake is that I am cooking a kebab tonight!!

Look out for some cooking posts, they will be coming.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.




  1. You and I are so alike Moira, I am an old hippy at heart although I no longer dress like one, flowy skirts just dont look right when you are barely 5ft 2in tall, I adore candles but John doesnt like the lights out so I never get the full twinklyness of them, I sometimes light a candle in the kitchen when I am cooking and instead of having the top lights on I have the under cupboard ones in one area, I will certainly be doing the very same tomorrow although John has le grippe so it might be wine for one, enjoy the rest of your weekend x


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