Reminisces – November 2014

An excerpt from the beginning of my handwritten blog – I have not changed it, here it is, emotion and all………………….

November 2014

‘So! We have sold our house! It came as quite a shock when it happened; and despite having it on the market for three months, talking about our adventure – moving lock and stock and barrel to France – it still came as a shock. Because we love our house and realised that we had to let it go to realise our dream, and here it was the offer!! Meaning it was real now, we had to make that life changing decision and that was scary, really scary.

But at 51 we have to take that opportunity when it is offered, take that risk. We decided to sell and accepted the offer.

November 2015-  What if it doesn’t work out?

I love my house; I might have said that before! But I do. If I didn’t have to sell I wouldn’t, but I do!

My neighbour wants me to stay. We are good friends, ten years is a long time to live next door to someone. We have watched our kids grow up; one of theirs and my only one have left home. I will be sorry to leave them.

My neighbour wants us to rent. She is worried that we will break all of our ties and not be able to come back. At times that thought has crossed my mind. What if it doesn’t work out?

But….. If we don’t take chances in life then things will stay the same. I am a firm believer in the saying “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re always going to get what you’ve got.”

I am sick of being on the hamster wheel. Rich is sick of being on the hamster wheel. Get up, go to work, work hard but never seem to be able to get ahead of the game. It’s time to make change. You have to “make” it sometimes.

November 14 – Memories

I have found my eyes filling with tears at the thought of leaving here. So many memories.

We brought our son here when he was thirteen. So worried that he would not like the move from Essex to Herne Bay. He loved the house from the minute he got here. He left home from this house.

I think fo many parties in this house, including the surprise eighteenth we held for Tom.

Of sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine; of times of heartbreak; and I do feel sad to let it all go. But memories are of the past and will come with you wherever you go. You cannot continue to live a life because of the past.

This is a family house; and a family should live here and enjoy it.


November 2014 – The buyer

The person who has bought my house has  young children and they will fill the house with life.

Tonight they all came round so the kids could see the house and the little boy’s face when he walked in the door. He just looked around and went “Wow!” It made my eyes fill up with tears.

Tonight they ran around the house as if they already lived here. Picked their bedrooms and adopted our cats (although I had to explain that they were not included in the sale!). It was a joy to see and helped me in my knowledge that I am doing the right thing.’


Look out for more over the weekend – I would value your comments.



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  1. It is so lovely to read your experience of packing and selling up everything you own in the world, it is such a big thing to do but as you say it is something you have to do or forever womder what if, I absolutely love the old house or should I say mansion. x

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