Reminisces – December 2014 into 2015

As promised another excerpt from my handwritten blog from back in 2014 and 2015, as we were packing up our old house up to come on this adventure. This one is significantly poignant for me, Christmas was always such a big thing in our house, our son’s birthday was Christmas Eve (never have unprotected sex in March!!!) ……………

December 2014

It seems weird to be decorating my house for the last time. I didn’t get all of my decorations out, instead I decorated my tree entirely in crystals and lights. It was probably the best tree I have decorated since living here!

All the boys came round at Christmas, Tom’s friends, carrying on with the tradition of coming to our house at Christmas time. It made me realise how lucky we have been and how much Tom’s friends have enjoyed coming to our home.

I tend to swing between excitement (and apprehension) about our new life, and sadness about leaving our beautiful house.


24th December – Christmas Eve

We went to Canterbury today for a meal to celebrate Tom’s birthday. We went to the City Arms as it has always been our favourite little pub to have lunch whenever we have had a shopping spree.

The food and the atmosphere were brilliant and, weirdly we found ourselves sitting beside an English family who live in Paris. They were on their way to London. I do believe in signs, that life will point things out to you. What were the chances that they decided to stop in Canterbury on their way to London to visit a tiny little pub down a narrow side street to have lunch, and then end up sitting next to us!? It has to be a sign.

We walked around Canterbury with Tom and his girlfriend, took pictures of the Cathedral grounds, of them standing by the Christmas tree, and listened to the carol singers. It just all felt so strange, as if I was detached from it all, in a dream really. This was going to be our last Christmas in Canterbury, a city that I love.

25th December – Christmas Day

The last Christmas dinner in this house, the last time the boys will come around to play Monopoly on Christmas night, the last round of turkey sandwiches! I have found it hard to write these entries because every time I do, my eyes fill up with tears.



Packing away our Christmas decorations for the last time in this house, I am not going to lie; I am struggling with giving it up. I have so many memories, some good, some heart-breaking: Tom running up the stairs after his first day at his new school, we had been so worried about him, moving to a new school at thirteen; but Tom, ever gregarious and outgoing, just took it in his stride, came home so excited because he was going out to meet his new mates

Rich, standing in the middle of the kitchen on the day we moved in, after the final box had been left by the removal company, opening a beer, and bursting into tears because we had achieved the dream of living by the sea

Snowy the Dude, Milly Kitten (she was thirteen but we always called her kitten!) who we will have to leave behind.

And now we are leaving.





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