Back to the present day ….My ever evolving home, poor Rich!!

Back at the beginning of February I posted that we were going to move on to decorate our other bedroom. This room is not only our spare room when people come to stay, but also my writing room so we decided that we needed to prioritise what I needed  from the room over and above people who come to stay, because we have to make good use of the space all of the time so we dismantled the king size bed.


Guess what? The bed is back up! Poor Rich, he only dismantled it five weeks ago, but off he went to the barn to find the screws and put it back together. As he cursed me he also said I “could bloody well put this in my blog!!”So here you go….

We have configured the room to how we will want it once we have decorated and the bed fits in the room, with the day bed, really lovely now. We have gained more room because Rich has taken the old radiator out, and we took the singer sewing machine out and put in on the landing, swapping it for a much more user friendly cupboard. I needed to know where everything is going to go because I have recently painted a friends floor to make it look like an old worn out painted wooden floor, that shows the grain where the paint has worn,  if I say so myself, it is stunning. To get a message from her to say that she keeps looking at it and smiling is a real complement. I will share pictures, but only if she is in agreement.

I am now going to do this to all of the floors upstairs starting with the spare bedroom which is why we needed to know where all the furniture would sit as  I will do the side of the floor where the desk sits first because once the desk is in situ I did not want to move it.

Look out for more posts about the changing room they will be coming over the next six weeks, as I have lots to do, painting the desk,


and the bureau,


and possibly the chest of drawers (again!!)


I am also going to patchwork one of the old suitcases that I have and possible chalk paint the other. This is in addition to decorating and doing the floor.

Busy, busy, busy………..

Farewell clowns!!!image

And thank you Rich for being so patient. Love you x





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