Reminisces – January 2015 – packing away

Packing away:

I realised as we packed away Thom’s room that we never did get around to changing his carpet!


A Sunday in January

Rich and I sat in the back room today, our snug, with the log fire burning, music playing. I got tearful about leaving our house. It will always be one of, probably the most beautiful houses I have ever had the privilege to live in. But…….We talked about the whole picture, how Herne Bay is a lovely place to live, but if you asked me if I want to live in this town in another ten years the answer would honestly be no.

I am bored with the walk along the beach path. I have done it nearly every day for the past ten years. Life is for embracing new things. There is a whole world out there to see and experience.

One of the deciding factors was the elderly lady who lives in a bungalow opposite. She had her blinds fitted the week we moved in here eleven years ago; and they have not moved in those eleven years. She never goes into those rooms; the lights are never on in them. I don’t want to live in house and that house become my life to such an extent that I rattle around in it and don’t really live. Sell your house, sell your bungalow, and see the world; keep young by experiencing new things.  Don’t wait for God!

January 2015

I still swing from not wanted to give up my house, to wanting the move. I was tearful today so called my friend in Cornwall.

She had  had a beautiful, huge, Victorian house in Herne Bay. Her life changed and she had to leave it behind, it broke her heart at the time. She moved to Cornwall to be near some of her family; she has never regretted that move.

Always a straight talker she pointed out that, although beautiful, my house is just a house. That I have been the main contributor to making it beautiful and that I will make my next house, in France, beautiful too.

She is right. I knew she would be, that is why I called her, I needed someone to tell it to me straight!


January 2015 packing away:

Tom’s room (he left four years ago but I still call it that!) seems really weird. As we are packing up we are stacking the boxes in his room.

There is a feeling of sadness, as if the house is sad, it knows we have loved it so much.


  1. It is always sad to leave a house that is so much a part of you and what you have made it (A home) it is the same with cars you have had for a long time, John says it is just a chunk of metal, I disagree, it has taken you wherever you asked it to and kept you safe, but if you dont make the move that your heart tells you to do what else is there, the moment and life is now.


  2. Reblogged this on moisfrenchadventure and commented:

    Found this as a memory today. A retrospective blog about packing up our house in England for our adventures, showing how hard making this type of decision can be. But now I sit in my home in France and look around the room, and my friend was right: people make a home.

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