My mothering Sunday in France

Happy Mother’s day to all of my English followers. Obviously it is not Mothering Sunday in France, but never the less we are celebrating it with a lamb roast (a real treat) and a film, some things never change no matter where you live!

This year is especially poignant for me, and my sister, as it has been twenty years since we last had our lovely mum with us to celebrate mothering Sunday with. Twenty years ago we knew that it would be the last time we would be able to celebrate with her, and perhaps, because it is a milestone, that suddenly bites you on the arse when you realise that you have not spoken to someone that you love for so long,it has made me think (no surprises there then I hear you say!) I still have the wooden figure that I bought her as a gift from my son and I in my kitchen, on that last celebration, it reminds me of her every day.

My mum never got to travel far, only to visit my Dad’s family in Ireland. She always wanted to travel, and I know that she would be so pleased that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and gone on an adventure. Life really is too short.

I just wished that she had been able to see my home now, and I know that my darling dad would have been in love with our house and the views from it. Only now do I appreciate how hard it must have been for him living in England, in quite a built up area, now that I live in the middle of no-where, because where I live really does remind me of Ireland.

So as well as being a poignant Mother’s day for me, it is also a joyful one because I am now back in touch with my son, and we chat over Messenger quite a few times a week. I also have all the kittens and my beautiful babies Harley and Wiglet, who have had a spa day in time for the celebration…



So this post is for everyone but especially those who, like me, no longer have their mums to share this day with; a few words to consider for the future, I read them today and they moved me, I hope that they do the same to you…..

“To mourn too long

for those we love

is self indulgent –

but to honour their memory

with a promise

to live a little better

for having known them,

gives purpose to their life –

and some reason

for their death………………”


“If, as I have said over and again, we are not here to necessarily be happy, fulfilled, or comfortable all the time, then what is the meaning of life?

I believe the reason we are here is to learn, to evolve, to progress. When people learn they are in a position to progress (move forward) as opposed to regress (move backwards). And I defy you in your imaginations to construct a more ideal environment for human learning that this life.”

M.Scott Peck ‘The Road less travelled and beyond.”

I hope that those who want tom take these words and work with them to progress in life, it is the best tribute we could give to our mothers.

Happy Mothering Sunday Joyce, still miss you everyday.








  1. I couldn’t have put it better if I tried, it is 24 years since I lost my mum and still I miss her and always will, it is so good to hear you are back in touch with your son and thats how it should be, have a wonderful Mothering Sunday dear friend x


  2. You express yourself so well, Moisy. Thank you for opening your heart and making me appreciate my mom still being here to talk with and share life.


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