What do you want from an adventure?

Hi to all my readers, and firstly I would like to say thank you for the fantastic comments that I got from my last post.

Mental health is being promoted over the next few weeks in England, but I gather from the comments that it should also be put out there all over the world for discussion. It took a lot to post that blog, the narcolepsy kicked in before I wrote it! But mental health is NOT something to be ashamed of, in fact most people have a mental health issue of some kind, they just don’t realise it, and some have their heads stuck firmly in the sand so that they cannot see it. Why am I saying this? Because people are ashamed if they have had some sort of mental health illness in their lives so please share my post I am going to, I am putting it out to a writers forum because I am not ashamed about what happened to me. Let’s stop the stigma.

So…….. to the post for today, and to perhaps ponder over the weekend. If you could go on an adventure and change your life what would you hope to get from it?

To help here is what I expected….and what we got…….

I needed to not have any more money worries.

But as always life kicks in, work was hard to come by and we have struggled with money. We have a cesspit that does not work properly and listened to others recommendations when we should have done our own homework. Add to that the crappy insurance company Allianz who refused to  pay out when our roof blew off and you can see where I am going.

The difference our adventure has brought us is that we own our house outright, so nobody can take it from us; we had realised before we came here that material things are not important to make you happy, however we had not realised it quite as much as we thought, so we still bought mobile phones that were able to provide data, wasted food, and wood (we burnt most of the first batch of trees that we chopped down and put them on the bonfire!! Why?! When we have to heat our house with an open fire the first year, and now a wood burner. Doh! )

And we have learned, boy have learned?!  We have now bought cheap mobiles for 10 euro that are like retro phones (please don’t text me, I will take forever to respond scrolling through the keys as you had to on old phones abc….def…ghi…. and so on!) we don’t need data we need a phone in case we have to phone each other in an emergency. Add to them the pay as you go sims we have bought and we are away, using only what we can afford with no contract. (Unheard of in this modern world!)

We don’t waste wood and any that can be cut up has been, even last week when we were burning wood that could not be used I was breaking off the branches and twigs for kindling. Why pay for it when you have it for free?

We no longer waste food, and will waste even less soon (look out for the next blog), we have a compost heap, and cook less, and freeze more, we don’t put as much on our plates but always say we can come back for more if we want it. We rarely do!

I hoped for a more peaceful way of life, a simpler way of life.

We got that in spades. We sit in our garden with these views


We are surrounded by nature, a resident woodpecker, the barn owl swooping over us at night, the swifts making their nests, life is good.

I no longer wanted to be caught up in politics.

But we did for a bit, took people on face value, did not see their agenda, followed certain Facebook group pages, but we decided this year to step away from them. Some people I look at when they post but I look at them rarely, apart from the odd few, you may have picked up that a lot of them with an agenda get on my tits!! (Sorry there is no other way to put it!)

The good thing is you can opt out easily, you are so far from other people that you do not need to be caught up in it if you don’t want to. I have made some wonderful friends and acquaintances out here and they know who they are. we are all like minded people.

I wanted more space, time to think mmmmmmmm…….

So I have set up a blog,  I am writing a book, I am preparing things to sell on the Etsy shop I am going to set up, including hand painted things and embroidery (all of which I have to prepare), I am helping Rich, I am learning French, and renovating my house and garden. So I am really busy, but…… I am doing things that I want to do. Yes when I help Rich it is hard work, when I paint peoples floors it is hard work, but creative work that I love, which then enables me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and creator, or co-creator of interior designs for people with the things that I sell on my shop. (I can hear the keyboards over here clacking as we speak with people trying to look me up to see if I am registered. Get a life folks I haven’t sold anything yet!)

I love the fact that I am not in the rat race, I don’t feel the need to have a flash phone, or house, I love the fact that you think about everything you use and waste nothing. That has to be good doesn’t it?

This week we have worked hard in our garden every evening burning remnants of the trees we chopped down two years ago and just dumped at the edge of our chemin. We now want to sew a meadow garden (oh yes we are doing that too) so, because of the time of year, we were responsible and broke everything down into a fire bin. I loved just sitting in the garden in the sunset with a beer in the big boy chairs, as the temperature dropped (it has been warm out here.) watching the fire and the dogs and cats running around the garden (our animals love us.)


I don’t care that most of the time I am in skanky track suit bottoms because of the work I have been doing, I am happy. I don’t need material things any more, just to be able to live.

And talking of re-using things you can see in the photo above that we have cut a hole in the hedge and Rich has built steps up the embankment using our old radiators, the boy did good, he wasted nothing! Just waiting for the grass to grow now.

I wanted our dog Harley to be able to run free in his garden and our cats (all four at the time and we have now gained our special needs cat as well) to be able to run around in open countryside without being terrorised by other cats because they were all living on top of each other. Well Harley got that, with nearly an acre of land including a chemin (a lane) and another field behind the barn. He also got the Wiglet, which we hadn’t planned for but who made our family complete (she makes her human brother in England smile with her antics.)



I get to watch the dogs playing zoomies around our garden every night, digging bloody great holes hunting for moles (I wouldn’t have it any other way.) and our cats run free every day, they have so much land and so many trees to climb in our garden alone.




I wanted my adventure to make me think, to see life differently, and so far it is doing that over and over again, I wanted to open my mind to how other people live, to other ways of life, to learn. More than anything I wanted to take a chance, see where life took me, let a greater being than me do the driving and trust in it. I wanted to live life as if someone left the gate open.

So this weekend I would ask, if you are going to have an adventure what do you want that adventure to give you, or where do you want it to take you?


Please comment on my blog page if you can, this can open up the forum for discussion, it is always interesting to see what others think!



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  1. Such a beautiful place for quiet reflection written so eloquently in your blog. I often think of the poem now “What if this world … we have no time to stop and stare!’ Or in other words having time to smell the roses. I give thanks everyday for the privilege of being able to see the beautiful things within our world. The changes that nature brings, the people that add such value in my life, they are precious and few. But you Moira and Rich are two very special people and on a very fabulous journey of self discovery. An opportunity that many of us are often hesitant to take,. “Life is a rollercoaster”, enjoy the ride my friends xx


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