Oops we’ve done it again!! The renovation continues….

So where have I been? I give you three posts over as many days and then nothing! Nada! Here’s why…….

Do you remember the kitchen my lovely husband built me? (For those new to my blog look in the my home tag)……


It was backed up against the pantry wall and we decided that our kitchen was just too dark because we only had small high windows letting the light in. So the Sunday after my last post about Eurovision (and perhaps due to the amount of alcohol we had drunk during Eurovision!!) we decided (as we do!) sod it!! Lets knock the wall down between the pantry and the kitchen and have a big kitchen with more light. Let’s strike whilst the iron is hot!

Did we care that we were also beginning the renovation of the spare bedroom, with the tons of furniture and God knows what in it? Not us! No! Why should we care…. Even though the clowns were screaming to be ripped from the walls and the room looked like this…


So the boy went for it, hangover and all, and here he is starting the chaos!!


And here he is after four hours hammering and drilling shoveling the debris…

We like to be spontaneous so we left the fridge, the ornaments, the shabby chic cabinet (which is now a little more shabby chic after lumps of concrete fell on it, trust me it just adds to the overall picture!) in place, gung ho! We say gung ho! (We must be bloody mad!!)

And here it is now after he got his kango out (Noo…. all you Kenneth Williams wannabees it is a large drill for those who may be thinking it was something else!!)


Please note the Welshy posing for you, to add enhancement to the look!!

The boy did good, but we have had cement and rubble everywhere and at one point, because we were busy with clients, I had rubble in my kitchen for over three days, my house looked like a “before” house prior to the obsessive compulsive cleaners coming in to clean it, and I think that they may have run screaming from the scene!

But it didn’t end there because behind the wall were the open stairs to the cellar so Rich had to put a floor in to cover them, again the boy did good…


But it still does not end there (No! I hear you cry) because for those who have been reading my blog you will know that Rich and I don’t want a traditional off the shelf kitchen, we want it to look as if it has evolved, we want it to look like a traditional working country kitchen. So we are not putting fitted cupboards in but we do have the table that Rich made (many moons ago .. see my posts for October 2015) which was kitchen worktop we had left over and that is being screwed to the wall, the bookshelves have been put on top and all will be shabby chic’ed to the max in a lovely pale grey. We have spent most of today moving furniture around to get it right and allow space and the maximum amount of light to come through the windows (as well as some cats that have also taken to coming through the windows to avoid the Welshies!!)

And we chose to do all of this in temperatures of over thirty degrees, as well as work, meet new clients and try and fight through our garden due to hedgehogs and Welshies(look out for the upcoming post, that is another story!)

We are knackered!!

But the light in my kitchen is brilliant and although I don’t have time to decorate in the near future I love the space I have. Rich now has to block the wall up that was over the stairs that lead to the cellar before the winter and we all freeze to death.

Why don’t I have time to decorate the kitchen because I have also spent three days over the last few weeks stripping the clowns from the bedroom wall and have this chaos to deal with before friends come over mid June!!


My job also includes finally starting to shabby chic my floors as I have done for someone else, because I love the look and if I don’t do it now I never will

I promise I will be posting again this week, I have a reflective post that is dear to my heart and it is on it’s way.

Have a good week







  1. Well begun is half done, or something like that. Good for you both to take on the challenge! Glad you had done with those bloody clowns.

    Liked by 1 person

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