Our dear friend has nagged Rich and I about not eating lunch, so much so she started to feed us, bless her. But she has got us into simple French food and more often than not we have,  cheeses, saucissons(dried sausage), bread, and more than anything olives.

We bought this little bowl for our olives, they are all mixed together with some additionsl olive oil, currently infused by my own fair hand with garlic and parsley, dipping our bread into the oil, thre is no need for butter.

We have been busy today, so we fell into old habits, and ate just now, in our garden in  the evening sun. We were,of course, joined by the cheese loving welshies and the toothless cat. All washed down with a good Bordeaux, costing less than two euro. Life does not get better than this; and what better start to the evening of bad music, nutcases, political voting, and over the top performances, all of which make the Eurovison so fantastic!! Cannot wait. We don’t care who wins,  it’s all about the music, and for Rich who has the biggest tits!!

Happy Eurovision everyone.