Lessons from the house on the hill…



My house, our house, it is a house on the pinnacle of the hill; trust me, out of the three houses in our commune we are on the top, top, top of the hill. It makes sense we were the original farmhouse for the land as far as the eye can see, and out neighbours homes would have been our barns.

So being on top of a hill does come with some disadvantages, so far we have had our kitchen roof removed (we will be having our second winter with just tarp over it – a new one mind you!!) by a storm, a tornado rip through our garden, chewing up and spitting out the gazebo, half of the silver birch tree’  and doing a fair bit of damage to other trees. (See posts from September last year) There has been The Hooley (see said post) and whenever there is a wind it whips around the house like a banshee. Add to that it appears that our well is known for running dry, because basically the water in it all runs off down the hill towards the river, and you can probably see that buying a house on a hill comes with it’s difficulties.

So this year has been no different and last week we had a storm and our terrace was hit by lightening! There we were Rich snoring away me half asleep listening to the storm, when there was a loud crack and the corner of our bedroom lit up as if a group of paparazzi were in the corner taking photos (although of Rich in his pants snoring and me in my pyjamas with two sleeping welshies I don’t think they would be getting much money for those photos!!) Rich woke with a start and immediately went downstairs to check the router for the internet and came back to advise me it was smoking and the phone was also burnt out!!

Now given the other things I have written about, and Rich’s wobble a couple of months ago you would think that this would not have helped. But do you know what? The boy took it in his stride!! let me explain why:

You see earlier in the week our telly had gone wrong, in fact had gone kaput, the screen had just given up the ghost. But just that day, Dad, who has now left for pastures new, had given us a telly. Not as big, but a good reasonably sized telly never the less. When Rich started to get stressed when the screen went blue, I pointed out to him that he had a telly he could use, so why was he stressing?!

As they say in the Tao:

‘There is no good or bad luck, it’s indivisible. What you’re calling ‘bad’ fortune had ‘good’ just waiting to emerge, because it is the other half.’

From Change your thoughts change your life, living the wisdom of the Tao.

Dr Wayne W.Dyer.


Basically you can’t have good without bad, and you can’t have bad without good, otherwise how would you know which is which? As they say ‘in life death is hiding.’

Now I know some people reading this will think ‘Well I have not had anything good yet, everything that happens to me is bad.” Is it? Because have you even considered that you woke up this morning? You are alive when others are not. You can see the sky, you can hear the birds, you may have someone who loves you, or beautiful animals that love you unconditionally and do you know what all that is luck!! You have food to eat, you can read (or you would not be reading this!) you have opportunity. Life is not all about materialistic things because as they also say to quote Byron Katie

“To believe that you need what you don’t have is insane.”

And to quote an add on from the late Dr Wayne W. Dyer

“Believing that you cannot be content and happy now because your future appears to you to be difficult is another form of insanity.”

“Look at what you have and realise that you are obviously fine in this moment. ”

So by the time the lightening struck Rich had got ‘it’ and knew, and believed that good luck would also come his way; and it has, in so many ways not just materialistic ones.

Here are the lucky things about living in a house on a hill:

We have these views


We have wonderful, wonderful neighbours. We have woodpeckers that visit our trees in our garden; in fact last week we had a tawny owl sitting in the tree outside our barn looking in at us for most of the day. We have had wild boar run through the fields right in front of our house, making their way to the river; and dears just standing stock still looking at us.

We realise how lucky we are to have each other, and our beautiful animals, when we are all snug in our house as the wind whips around it, this house has been here for two hundred and five years, she is not giving up yet.

We are blessed to own a house on a hill, because we get to see what the real world is like. We are blessed to live in France and to struggle because it makes us realise that materialistic things do not make you happy, companionship, love and support for each other does.

Have a good evening


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  1. Oh Moisy, what a perfect post for how I was feeling yesterday when I read it! It shook me up to make me look for the positives rather than focusing on the problems. I love your blog, your honesty about the challenges yet your ability to look for the good always shines through and serves as a slap in the face for the self-indulgent misery I was inflicting on myself – thank you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Val, what wonderful words. As a writer to know that you have touched an emotion or inspired someone is such a compliment and inspiration in itself. Always remember the good things are often small, but they will always be there never the less. Thank you for following me at moisfranchadventure. Moisy


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