Little o’l eclectic me – inspired by my home I have opened an Etsy shop



So folks I have been caught up in finally stocking and opening my Etsy shop!!

For many a year people have told me that I have an eye for interiors, I am not a ‘shopping centre, matching furniture’ type of girl’  (no surprises there then considering I have decided to up sticks and move to the middle of rural France with a cesspit that overflows, no kitchen roof, a wonderful husband, menagerie of animals and two mad Welshies.) I have never been one to follow the crowd and I have always loved things that are unusual, old, rustic and different; and yes I am finally starting to believe that I have an eye for mixing and matching. From my first home with Rich, sixteen years ago …

Mill lane living roomMill lane kitchenMill lane garden

To my Edwardian house by the sea, that I left to move here…

Sealsea-5Sealsea-1Sealsea-2 (1)

To the one we have now with little vignettes all around

including the vintage Singer Sewing Machine and table that I bought, couldn’t get to work, but couldn’t bear to part with it. So now I use it as a table to house pretty things, and as a novel way to store our logs! – It is just too pretty to let go.



I have always loved stars, hearts, all things that sparkle and blow in the wind (like voile curtains), and old things, things from charity shops, I have random cards scattered about my house like this one that sits on my desk (given to me for Christmas by a lovely lady I used to work with) – It is called “A little peace” and at times I can so relate to it.


Or this one, from my lovely mother in law, which is hanging off the hand painted mirror ( hand painted by me!) that also sits on my old industrial office desk that I have painted mint green, with a blue top, beside the 1940’s vintage lamp that I found in a shop over here.


Then there are the hand painted jam jars (painted by me..) like these two that sit on my desk beside me as I am writing this now, with a story book I used to read my son and a vintage tile propped up against the mirror



As  you can see my desk is a desk of inspiration, and now I am inspired!


I finally believe those people who tell me that I have an ‘eye’ for detail, so now I am going to share that detail with you, and all the people who visit my shop; providing an opportunity to own some beautiful little French things that I am going to stock  like this coffee set – it caught my eye because of the lovely lavender colour, perfect for those who love vintage tea parties, or coffee mornings.

Or this skyhook, of a French woodcutter, generating much interest possibly because I cannot source another anywhere;  and they are collectors items. I had him on my kitchen shelf! I just loved his quirky look.


My style is so  eclectic, when people visit my home, wherever I have lived, they have always commented on how there is so much to see, and how I put it together so that it just works, instead of looking like a house of obsessive hoarders!

When we moved to France I did not want a fitted kitchen, Rich made me my kitchen and my friend Mary made me the curtains. But as always, with someone like me (bless my husband he loves me so much) things constantly change in my house and as you know if you have been reading my blog for a long time, we have just recently knocked a wall down in the kitchen to extend it. Only this weekend on my Instagram account, with the same name as this blog  I shared tales from my French rustic kitchen, and people loved it.




It is the small things like these metal agricultural signs, this one for first prize for a prize winning breeding bull –  normally displayed pride of place on farmers barns, hence the paint peeling off, and I love them. They are original, there will never be another one, and they tell a story, and I love things that tell a story. Like one of my most favourite items in my house my Victorian wash stand…


Found in someone’s garage in Canterbury, with rain dripping down on it. Someone asked me if I was going to paint it, and although I often do renovate furniture (as long time followers of my blog will know) , this washstand tells the story of it’s life and will always remain the same whilst it lives with me.

We have hearts and witches balls hanging from our curtain poles, to ward off evil spirits, and mirrors and sparkly lights everywhere.

So now I finally believe in myself,  and I have opened my shop and the views are coming in quickly In fact I already have someone in America who is trying to buy the French woodcutter balance toy, and boy is it getting a lot of hits; well it is very very rare, and would make a lovely christening gift for a child to treasure, and sell on in the future because it would be an investment.

I love the pretty little glass dishes, bowls, and stands that you can find and I have some creating a pretty little vignette in our bedroom, and housing all of my sparkly bracelets and bangles..


Lighting is also my passion out here nearly all the lights (except for the bathroom lights) have been sourced from vide grenier’s including my enamel lights over my butchers block


To the ones my darling husband recently put up above my sink, they are so pretty, and nobody else has them..


And now I have these beautiful tulip wall lights in our guest bedroom – yes more pictures to follow for those who are following my blog the clowns have finally gone!!!


I am in my element in France there are so many beautiful old things available, and although I love them all Rich has told me that I cannot keep them all, of course he is right, so now I am using my eye for things to help others find magical treasures that they can put in their home, safe in the knowledge that they are probably always going to be a one off, I love saying that to people when they say “where did you get that from” and I can say “a small little village in France!”

So have a look at my shop and let me know what you think.  PetiteFrenchfancies

I have found my niche – as well as this blog, and sending my book to a publisher next week!!

More recipes to come folks – sorry I have not forgotten Friday night Kebab!!




As always please rate this blog using the star rating system at the top of the page – and leave as many comments as you can I love to hear what you have to say.











    • Thank you so much, we still have a long way to go, but I love renovating, although boy!! Do I know that I am older now! I love that you are enjoying it. I have read some of your blog but plan to spend tomorrow morning in bed reading your blog with a cup of tea (very English!!) xx


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