The Witchy Poo Cook Rich’s Friday night kebab


As promised, yes I know over a week ago, the Witchy Poo Cook is back just in time for Friday dinner. For those who are health conscious look away now!!

Since moving to France Rich and I are often shocked when we think how much we used to spend on takeaways. In England (and other countries) it is so easy to get a takeaway, delivered to you door so you can have a few glasses of wine and not even have to worry about driving to collect it; you can just call them any time and one will be delivered, some takeaways delivering until four in the morning!!

But not in France!! Oh no!! Not in the rural area where we live. In addition the only type of takeaway you tend to be able to get delivered are kebabs and pizza and only until about eight or nine in the evening. There is no culture here of getting pissed and then stuffing your face!! So as Rich and I do like to have a few wines in the evening I have taught myself to cook most takeaways at a fraction of the cost. So look out for more but today we are going to be cooking my husbands favourite…. Friday Night Kebab.

The ingredients you will need are…..

Chicken breasts – depending on how many you are catering for.

Kebab meat – if you want the kebab in the picture. You can buy doner kebab meat in most supermarkets over here and probably can where you live. Personally I find it better because it tends to be cut thinner and it is mainly for Rich as I used to eat chicken kebab, but each to your own I am going with the picture.

Olive oil


Wheat tortilla’s

Chilli sauce (whatever you prefer, I go for sweet chilli, Rich goes for burn your arse hot!!)

The Spices – Salt, paprika, garlic granules, ras al hanout  (morrocan spice), you can also add some tajine spice if you don’t have ras al Hanout, cumin, coriander (the dried green leaves are best but whatever you have will work.)

The salad – All the usual suspects, tomatoes, but lots of cucumber, lettuce and onion.  You will also need some lemon juice and vinegar – to get that authentic takeaway wilted salad my husband craved!!

Let’s Witchy Poo…

Cut the onions into slices and add to a frying pan with olive oil. Let them sweat and and then add a dash of all of the spices – yep go for it.

You will have to keep them moving now and probably add some more oil.

Slice the chicken into small slices, or larger and break up in the pan.

Add the chicken to the pan with the onions once the onions have started to brown, and then guess what? Add some more spices, don’t forget the salt!! Again you will need to add some more oil.

Stir away and let the chicken brown. Then put into an oven dish and into the oven on 150 or gas mark 4.

Now for the kebab meat…

Repeat all of the above except add kebab meat. Simples!! But if you want it to come out like my photo then I let the kebab meat really cook and brown, and  then I add it to the same oven dish as the chicken and put it back in the oven for about twenty mins whilst I cook our chips in our Actifry (see there is something healthy in this!!)

Prepare the salad next as you have to ensure it has marinated, so add it all to a bowl and add salt, lemon juice and we add red wine vinegar (not a lot as you don’t want a massive puddle in the bottom of the bowl!)

Once the chips are almost becoming crispy put the wheat tortilla on the plate and add the salad, and then the meat, and then some more salad.  It’s done!!

But if really want it to taste like a takeaway turn the oven off and then put it back in the oven so that the salad starts to wilt, just like it does when it is delivered. I know how sad are we?!!

Add the chips and chilli sauce of your liking and munch away……..

If you want to make something different you could substitute the kebab meat for mincemeat and cook it with the spices until it is brown and crispy!!!


Enjoy and can I ask if you have tried my recipe’s then please give some feedback to the blog readers – I know some of you have so give it a go. Also please share and rate I want your feedback good or bad.


Have a lovely weekend








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