Lazy Sunday Autumn afternoons


As usual Autumn can never fail to surprise and delight you. Grey, grey days where there is mist then fog then gray then twilight. But yesterday Autumn came into her own as only she can and the sun came out and it was a balmy 21 degrees.

We had still not said goodbye to the girly; so we lit the fire, thought what the hell, because there are always jobs to do, lets live for the moment, it is what I tell everyone else to do! And we poured some wine and sat by the fire as the girly went to chicken heaven (although I am sure she was already there and watching us all.) I say all because the Welshies just lay at our feet and relaxed (in between digging about ten holes searching for moles, they are Welshies after all!!) and when I looked the remaining girlies and Claude had all come to the fence of their enclosure and stood watching the fire, they knew, they so knew.

I took the opportunity to wander around my garden in the sunshine and savour each moment before the winter ahead. So I watched my beautiful boy as he just lay in his garden, looking out across the valley blending in with his surroundings, Welshies have the perfect colour for autumn, and I snapped some photos to treasure  – because time is so fleeting, and dogs try to remind us of that every day..



Rich, my darling husband, had been busy the day before and had mowed the garden, taken out bushes and positioned our old bench under my favourite tree so that we could sit there and look across the valley. I looked around my garden yesterday and I knew, that despite what will be challenging times ahead, life was good and I was blessed. Who couldn’t be surrounded by this….


I may have picked twigs from the walnut tree for our kindling this winter (why buy it when you already have it in the garden – nature has given it to us)


I may have looked up whether i should pick up the remaining walnuts (after a bounty collection of over 1400) and use them as part of the fuel for the fire. I may be broke in materialistic ways, but I have all this, it costs me nothing, I have two teddies that run around my garden, and beautiful happy cats, and I have my husband, who worked so hard to keep me.

I am, after all, Still living in a painting……….

And I am blessed. Count your blessing this week folks, however small. Don’t let the negative folks get you down, don’t get caught up in the hating.













    • It is beautiful, my surrroundings are beautiful, and it is all we have, and it is all we need. I experienced some negativity yesterday, so I wrote this post in reply, to help me stay focused.


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