The hooley

As I know I have new readers I thought I would share some of my favourite posts with you over the next few days.Enjoy….


So for the last three days it has been blowing a hooley; and I mean, A HOOLEY.

A storm and strong winds were forecast for Saturday, but there was no mention of it carrying through until the early hours of Tuesday!

My poor little house is on top of a very large hill, and the wind has been crashing and bashing around it for the past three days. “Just to warn you, you are on a hill and it can get quite windy up here.” Said my lovely Immoblier (estate agent) ; she was not kidding!!

Since living here we have been hit by hurricane Katie in March, which took half of the kitchen roof off, a tornado in September, which finished a massive part of the kitchen roof off, which  is now covered in tarp (you all know the story, seriously, don’t get insured with Allianz!) And now The…

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