A fantastic blog by a talented writer this brought a tear to my eye

Silence The Crowd

A dark winter’s morning, while cradled asleep

 The bedside alarm sirens, a piercing bleep

Through the mountains of weight, one must prise

The ticking clock starts and begins the rise


A new day, a new week has begun

Departing with responsibility on heavy shoulders slung

Creeping away, the family sleeps still

Time to work the day, time to pay the bill


The day wears thin, one must mute their thoughts

With a gentle sigh, through hardship fought

The farmer, the painter, a doctor, a nurse

Passing of years, can feel an endless curse


Anticipation towards the end of the day

Worry and anguish start to slip away

As the Sun sets and starts to disappear

Comfort in home draws ever so near


Still.. thoughts of repeating tomorrow draw weary

A cycle of repetition, trapped, a feeling scary

Difficult to continue, time pressures the able

Leaving many…

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