Can’t take Dylan anywhere!

Another post about Dylan the Welshie puppy

Dylan's Welshie World

img_0444-1At the end of last summer I was in Spain with my friend Sue. The poor woman couldn’t enjoy her evening Sangria round the pool without me whipping out my phone and showing her yet again the videos and photos of this little chubby puppy I was picking up the day after we got back.

Oh I made her look at it so many times. Then I made her go through puppy names with me. Let’s just say Dylan could have been – Nia, Charlie, Winnie, Lucy or my favourite at the time  – Chubster! Goes without saying none of those names suited the little mischievous tomboy monster Dyls turned out to be. Then I made Sue look at the photos again and again and repeat! No wonder she raced to get on that plane back to the U.K.!

And of course, as I was so excited about my new…

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