The day of mixed culture, and what a mix it was! Part one: Les Anglaise, madness, British eccentricity, Karaoke and, of course, wonderful friends…..

So at the start of our adventure on Saturday off we went, chicken parmejano, garlic bread, and two naughty Welshies in hand to our friends house.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and you could not have had a better day for a garden party to celebrate a royal wedding. The table of food was huge, and typically English, with sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, Sandwiches, scones, Indian Samosas and my Italian dish, like I said, a mix of different cultures, and typically English!

The tables had been set up in the garden, the gazebo was fluttering in the wind (despite being chewed by the hosts puppy!) and the karaoke machine was ready to go.

Add to the mix nine dogs, two of which were our naughty Welshies, and chaos ensued, with Wiglet not only managing to slip her harness but break her lead as well!

The atmosphere was brilliant and we realised how life has led us on this path, sending us hard messages about some people we encounter to make us realise who the good ones were; and they are the good ones, and we are blessed.

So for all my readers from across the world, and I know there are many, and for which I am truly grateful, here is how us Brits have a garden party……,

It was a shame we had to leave early, but as you know from our previous post we were off to a different party, with les Francaise this time, and I am still recovering now! Look out for the next post……



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