A late spring garden in France

I know that people love to see our garden and it has been a busy, and beautifully warm month. We have just under an acre with the part you see often in my blogs, where we also have a terrace and this view…

But we also have a large open part to the side, where the chickens reside in the ‘Chicken Hilton’, and our leaning cherry gives us shade, and a too many cherries to use every year.

We tend to sit on our recliners in this part of the garden, looking out across the hills. In addition we have a chemin (a lane), our very own private lane that we can walk up and access another part of our land behind our barn. It is on this we will set up a glamping summer house, that we will call sanctuary, because that is exactly what it will be for all those who come to stay in it, those who want to get back in touch with nature, with an outside solar shower! We plan to build a bridge across the chemin, and I will shabby chic it to the max, but that will be another story for the future.

We have finally moved the logs and huge branches that were laying in the lawn, mental note: don’t let the grass grow through them again! Piled up the cut logs, and realised we have a lot of work to do before the winter.

I have finally dug out the eighteenth century stone flower beds, and planted them up with trailing flowers so they have gone from this

To this…..

The flowers on my miniature cherries have been and gone, along with the blooms on my ‘snowball’ shrub.

Our clematis are in bloom, and our pot plants are thriving.

The birds are singing, we have magpies nesting in the silver birch that has burst back into life after we cut down the pine trees, and the bees are humming.

We love the new arrangements of our seating areas, and our place for reflection on our vintage bench under our beautiful pine tree.

Life is good, simple, (some may even say basic) and that is what makes it good. I am grateful every day.




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