There is nothing more humbling

There is nothing more humbling than knowing your place, not where the human race is concerned, but where Mother Nature is involved.

One of the biggest things I love about my life now is that I live on the pinnacle of a hill, where the wind, that is a feature of our life often, whips around us, whilst our two hundred year old house stands firm, I get the feeling she loves us now, as we love her.

We have storms that build up around us, and even if they do not come directly over us we can see them for miles around, and when they are coming to visit we can see them rolling in; last Saturday was no exception.

It had been a hot sunny day, Karen had been visiting (more if that adventure to come in the next few months) for a few days and we had been busy. So we decided to chill for the evening in the warm sunshine of the evening with a glass of rose, a verse of the Tao and a discussion about how to put the world to right (well in our minds anyway!)

There is nothing more rewarding than watching Welshies zooming round a garden in the sunshine, when you see that you know you are truly blessed.

So as we chillaxed we began to notice the clouds rolling in and heard a distant clap of thunder.

Within minutes the clouds had started to merge and became blacker and darker, the wind started to build around us as the dogs ran around like mad things barking at the wind as if they could stop it and the chickens clucked their disapproval as they ran for cover into the ‘Chicken Hilton’. We quickly began to gather up the various glasses, champagne flutes (for the prosecco) small wine glasses (for the rose) and large wine glasses (for the red) and take them indoors as they all started to blow over in the storm.

As my mad friend ran around the garden taking photos and panoramic shots of the impending storm we quickly laid the deckchairs, that were now blowing around the garden, down and tucked the chairs under the table in the  hope that the wind would not take them; and any loose plants that had yet to be potted up were tucked behind bigger pots. The umbrella was quickly taken down as the heavy spots of rain began to hit us, and the dogs made a run for cover as the clouds were now travelling down the lane towards us, with lightning forks snaking out of them as if looking for prey.

Rich shut all the open upstairs windows, and the shutters for good measure but was too late to save the toilet window that slammed shut and smashed!

But the little Welshie puppy thought it was all a game and did not understand the dangers, so she just ignored us as we called her in, no surprises there! And Harley ran back out into the storm and rounded her up and ushered her in. We stood at our new open French windows and watched as the storm literally came down the lane towards us – I felt the need to say ‘There’s no place like home’ and click my heels together – sadly no red shoes!!

With that the rain came lashing down and the storm was upon us, the doors were shut, and the thunder boomed above us with black skies all around us and the lighting was striking out in the fields. And that is why I love living here! Nature reminds me again and again of how insignificant we are, and how all the petty things we worry about are nothing at all.

Within ten minutes the storm had moved on over the hill and we went out into the light rain, the smell of the air something I cannot describe. Some of my poor clematis were damaged but have already begun to grow new to replace that lost.

This one was literally blown off it’s stand but is still flourishing today.

Later in the evening we went out and sat on the now damp chairs, the air was still warm and we were still drinking wine! And the next day the sun was back out.

As I am writing this the thunder is all around me!!

I love my life, it is all about the small things that money cannot buy.



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