In the summertime when the weather is hot……

‘You can stretch right up and touch the sky…..’

Mungo Jerry – In the summertime

When the continous balmy days visit us in France it makes the harsh winters, which in themselves can be beautiful, pale into insignificance; after all you cannot have the good without the bad right?!

To be woken each morning to glorious sunshine over the fields of gold that surround our house, to listen to the trees in the breeze through the day and then  watch the moon rise each night over the forest below us, makes me realise over and over again that is the simple things in life that count.

Last night we sat, wine in hand, as a blood red moon rose about the trees in front of us – sadly my photo does not do it justice it was a crimson red which changed the colour of the wheat to a beautiful burnt orange. The bats were flying over our heads, the Welshie’s were at our feet and life was good – life is good. I am blessed.

Since my last blogs the pool has been put up courtesy of my darling husband,

and the puppies have been swimming… in fact we have bought them an inflatable aeroplane and they have had fun sitting on that with Rich pulling them around the pool

The pool has been a Godsend as the temperature has been steadily rising to over thirty degrees. It has a  cover that maintains the heat in the water and yesterday it was a balmy eighty two degrees, the temperature of bathwater; which in itself is lovely; but once you get out the breeze hits you and cools you down. I never thought that we would be sitting in our garden with a wine in hand, after getting out of the pool; and it just reminds me of how much my life has changed; yes there is more to do living in countryside, there are many downsides as well as good (I do find that if you stay away from them it helps!!)  but when I sit in my garden, especially in the evening I know that having the courage to make that move was the best thing we could have done – life is simpler but our life is full.

We have visited new places with Karen including some beautiful waterfalls in a town called Mortain, in La Manche. They cut through the hills surrounding the town in what is believed to be an enchanted forest that was visited by King Arthur and his knights, It was a beautiful tranquil place with the sound of the spring water gushing down.

Despite the heat we also visited the lake at Ferte Mace, a huge park that has been made for the people of the area to enjoy, with a large lake in the centre. We walked it’s three mile circumference with the puppies on Monday, finishing with a hot dog and drink at the little cafe at the side of the lake,  watching the sun sparkling on the water was a simple pleasure that I love to do.

The Friday before last we had a very scary incident when we were nearly stampeded by cows, after Princess Wiglet (trust me butter would melt!) decided that she would take exception to a cow that was staring at her and try and bite it’s nose of a cow whilst we were cooking a BBQ at Karen’s house! It really was frightening as the other cows came running over because they felt under threat from our three and started to push at the fence; and they were big cows! So we had to herd the dogs up and get them indoors quickly to try and make the cows disperse. You’ve gotta love a Welshie!!

We have had a busy few weeks since Karen arrived with the house hunting and pool buying, which has also included copious amounts of tea and coffee (and, of course, wine!). But it is now time to get down to business with regard to the future; and work. I have been busy with my Etsy shop, and also building my profile on Pininterest (175K unique views and counting!!) You may want to check me out I am under moisfrenchadventure (no surprises there then!) I have various boards from flowers to angels, and from hares to moons; but there are of course boards showing off my taste in furniture and all things rustic so if you fancy some inspiration then pay them a visit I have ready made mood boards set up for you. …..

Moongazing Hare by Lisa Parker

Parede verde com vasos pendurados

From bedrooms to kitchens, these simple and rustic rooms inspire.

In addition I must get on with another edit of my book!

But it has been a wondeful few weeks, what with the summer of sport that we are having and  our friend, and what we consider family member, here with us, we have had some fun and laughed lots, mainly at poor Rich with his malapropisms – for example he is on a Facebook site called Biteyface (it’s about dogs) which he informed me yesterday is called bit e face!!!! Poor Rich I think his life his harder now he is with two writers all the time, who just roar with laughter at what he comes out with!

Despite the things we have to do it will not be all work and the fun is just going to get better because we have our old friends and neighbours arriving on Monday. I cannot wait to see them, three years is a long time to not see someone who you saw on a daily basis for twelve years!!  I know that they will join the fun.

Have I made any more of you think about making that change and stepping into the unknown?

Look out there are new posts coming……



‘…….We’re always happy
Life’s for livin’ yeah, that’s our philosophy’
In the summertime. Mungo Jerry


  1. Lots of great photos here – from the blood moon over the forest and wheatfields to happy pups in and out of water and your beautiful flowers and deep blue cachepot at the end. Glad to know the waterfall at Mortain is worth a look. Hope you do inspire others to consider moving to France, or at least to a simpler life.

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  2. Yes we are on our journey, the survey came in which surprise surprise showed damp, worn brickwork and rotten skirting boards. But I said it’s the same as Mois and Richs house it needs to breathe! That night I found a website for surveyors of listed and historical buildings which said exactly that! I am inspired ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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